Sunday, February 17, 2013

Castle Siege Resources

Catacomb Librarian asked a good question the other day about a few good resources on how to run a castle siege in a fantasy RPG. Since things tend to disappear into the intrawebs after awhile I decided to add the answers here so that when I went looking for them a few months or years from now I'd be able to track it down.

Usually in the past I would have just used the Battlesystem rules from D&D.

The D&D Castle guide is a interesting background info. resource -

Junior General has a simple set of Medieval Castle siege rules. The site also has links to appropriate paper figures, castle models and siege equipment.

Pathfinder has some siege engine rules here -

Palladium System resource:

Pendragon Siege Rules:

Found this on FRP Games:

Two posts on Large-scale Combat:

Here's an interesting set of free miniatures rules. Each week of the siege, you roll for various events such as raids, skirmishes. Each week the attacker gets to build trenches, dig mines, etc.

also these Siege Rules (combined for Cry Havoc and Siege with basic rules for Samouraï-

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