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Trade Resources in Greyhawk

Trade Resources
World of Greyhawk 1983 boxed set 'A Guide to the World of Greyhawk' p.45
In the above map we see depicted 15 symbols with their associated regional products representing major exports of the various nations (2 of the symbols either depict an unknown product or that no major exports exist). Since not everyone has the Greyhawk map memorized, I have also added the Folio map below with the various nations labelled.
Political Boundries
World of Greyhawk Folio 1980 p.7 (click to enlarge)

Combo Map
Combo Map (click to enlarge)
Combo Map - Portrait 

Cloth - Almor, Bissel, Celene, Ekbir, Furyondy, Geoff, Gran March, Great Kindom, Medegia, North Province, Nyrond, Ulek Duchy, Urnst County, Yeomanry

Copper - Almor, Blackmoor, Geoff, Gran March, Great Kingdom, Ice Barbarians, Idee, Nyrond, Pale Theocracy of, Perrenland, Snow Barbarians, Ulek County, Veluna, Verbobonc, Wolf Nomads

Food - Almor, Bissel, Celene, Ekbir, Frost Barbarians, Furyondy, Gran March, Great Kingdom, Idee, Medegia, North Province, Nyrond, Pale Theocracy of, Sea Princes, Shield Lands, South Province, Tenh, Tusmit, Ulek County, Ulek Duchy, Ulek Principality, Urnst County, Urnst Duchy, Veluna, Yeomanry, Zeif, Hepmomaland

Furs - Frost Barbarians, Ice Barbarians, Iuz, Ratik, Rovers of the Barrens, Stonefist Hold of, Tiger Nomads, Wolf Nomads

Gems - Bissel I, Blackmoor II, Bone March I & II, Geoff I, Gran March III, Great Kingdom IV, CoG I-IV, Hepmonland I -IV, Ice Barbarians I, Irongate II & III, Ket I & IV, Nyrond I & II, Onnwal III, Pale Theocracy of IV, Pomarj I &  II, Ratik IV, Scarlet Brotherhood I & III and IV, Snow Barbarians I & II, Sterich II & III, Stonefist I, Sunndi II & IV, Tiger Nomads I, Ulek County I & II, Ulek Duchy I & II, Ulek Principality II & IV, Ull II, Urnst Duchy I - IV, Verbobonc I - IV, Yeomanry II, Zeif III

Gold - Bissel, Frost Barbarians, Furyondy, Geoff, Great Kingdom, CoG, Highfolk Town, Highfolk Valley, Idee, Pomarj, Ratik, Rovers of the Barrens, Scarlet Brotherhood, Sterich, Tusmit, Urnst County, Urnst Duchy, Veluna

Ivory - Blackmoor, Stonefist Hold of, Hepmonaland

Lumber - Hepmonaland

Platinum - CoG, Onnwal, Sunndi, Tenh, Urnst Duchy, Hepmonaland

Rare Metals - CoG, Iuz, North Province, Pomarj, Sterich, Sunndi, Ulek Duchy, Urnst Duchy

Silver - Bandit Kingdoms, Bone March, Celene, Frost Barbarians, Geoff, Great Kingdom, CoG, Ket, Nyrond, Pomarj, South Province, Sterich, Stonefist, Tiger Nomads, Tusmit, Ulek County, Ulek Principality, Ull, Urnst Duchy, Veluna, Yeomanry

Spices - Lorship of the Isles, Scarlet Brotherhood, Hepmonaland

Woods, Rare - Highfolk Valley, Lorship of the Isles, Scarlet Brotherhood

Below is an alphabetical listing of the nations and their resources.

Almor, Prelacy of - Food, Cloth, Copper
Bandit Kingdoms - Silver
Bissel, March of - Food, Cloth, Gold, Gems I
Blackmoor - Ivory, Copper, Gems II
Bone March - Silver, Gems I & II
Celene, Kingdom of - Food, Cloth, Silver
Dyvers, Free and Independent City - Shipbuilding Supplies
Ekbir, Caliphate of - Food, Cloth
Frost Barbarians - Food, Fur, Silver, Gold
Furyondy, Kingdom of - Food, Cloth, Gold
Geoff, Grand Duchy of - Cloth, Copper, Silver, Gold, Gems I
Gran March - Food, Cloth, Copper, Gems III
Great Kingdom (Kingdom Aerdy) - (Food, Cloth, Copper, Silver, Gold, Gems IV)
Greyhawk, City of [CoG] - (Silver, Rare Metals, Gold, Platinum, Gems I-IV)
Hepmonaland - Lumber, Food, Spices, Platinum, Gems , Ivory
Highfolk (Independent Town) - Gold
Highfolk (Valley of the Velverdyva)- Gold, Rare Woods
Horned Society - unknown
Ice Barbarians - Furs, Copper, Gems I
Idee, County of (*) - Food, Copper, Gold
Irongate, Free City of (*) - Gems II & III
Iuz, Land of - Furs, Rare Metals
Keoland, Kingdom of - Food, Cloth, Gold, Gems III
Ket - Silver, Gems I & IV
Lordship of the Isles (*) - Rare Woods, Spices
Medegia, See of - Food, Cloth
North Province - Food, Cloth, Rare Metals
Nyrond, Kingdom of - Food, Cloth, Copper, Silver, Gems I & II
Onnwal, free State of (*)- Platinum, Gems III
Pale, Theocracy of the - Food, Copper, Gems IV
Perrenland, Concatenated Cantons of - (Copper)
Paynims, Plains of the - none
Pomarj - Silver, Rare Metals, Gold, Gems I & II
Ratik, Archbarony of - Shipbuilding Supplies, Furs, Gold, Gems IV
Rovers of the Barrens - Furs, Gold
Scarlet Brotherhood - Rare Woods, Spices, Gold, Gems I, III & IV
Sea Barons - unkown
Sea Princes, Hold of the - Food
Shield Lands - Food
Snow Barbarians - Copper, Gems I & II
South Province - Food, Silver
Spindrift Isles - unknown
Sterich, Earldom of - Silver, Rare Metals, Gold, Gems II & III
Stonefist, Hold of - Fur, Ivory, Silver, Gems I
Sunndi, County of (*)- Rare Metals, Platinum, Gems II & IV
Tenh, Duchy of - Food, Platinum
Tiger Nomads - Fur, Silver, Gems I
Tusmit - Food, Silver, Gold
Ulek, County of - Food, Copper, Silver, Gems I & II
Ulek, Duchy of - Food, Cloth, Rare Metals, Gems I & II
Ulek, Principality of - Food, Silver, Gems II & IV
Ull - Silver, Gems II
Urnst, County of - Food, Cloth, Gold
Urnst, Duchy of - Food, Silver, Rare Metals, Gold, Platinum, Gems I-IV
Valley of the Mage - none
Veluna, Archclericy of - Food, Copper, Silver, Gold
Verbobonc, Viscounty and Town of - Copper, Gems I-IV
Wild Coast - Unknown
Wolf Nomads - Fur, Copper
Yeomanry, The - Food, Cloth, Silver, Gem II
Zeif, Sultanate of - Food, Gem III

(*) member of the Iron League

Since the players in my campaign have asked about various trade routes I have added this so they can look it over.

Note: In my version of Greyhawk there is no electrum, I go with a metric conversion between currencies. I just substituted in rare metals in the above trade routes where it originally was electrum. Rare metals being items such as mithril, adamatium, etc.
Yes, the combo map has some minor deviations from the published maps. 

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