Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Inn generator

While I have given up on WoTC for a couple of years now, surprisingly enough, their new online Inn Generator  works for any edition your playing.

Here is The Shifty Greaves Tavern generated from there. The only thing you have to watch out for is some of the 4ed races don't jibe with 1ed.

Rooms Available (9/10)
7 servers and 2 bouncers

Zoa Tethenbri (F, Halfling, 45)

Class (Fine)
Room: 2gp/day, Noble's Quarters: 10gp/day

NPCs Present (210)
10 Bards, 55 Merchants, 13 Military Elite, 88 Nobles, 20 NPC Adventurers, 10 Priests, 5 Shady Characters, 9 Other

Today's Special
Locale (Truly Nasties)
Baked pheasant with leeks, Silvermoon mead
Atmosphere (Sad)
The passing of a local priest hit the community hard, and today is the anniversary of her death.
Topics of Conversation (4)
• A server chuckles as a customer whispers into her ear—something about a "moonlight stroll."
• Parents speak of their ire at their childrens’ dreams of someday becoming adventurers.
• A customer laments his upcoming chores. He despairs of a full two weeks of hard work attending to his master’s errands.
• Two patrons quietly negotiate a small business deal involving the sale of various local commodities.
Random Events (1)
• Outside, a man appears to be waiting for someone to leave (or enter) the inn. He seems nervous.

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