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Griffithton Village

Located within 200 feet of the Lost Temple of Pelor. Currently under construction but this is what it will look like when completed.

See also the updated Branton's Tower here.



Located at the confluence of the Jewel River, Pembrose, with its 600+ residents, is by far the largest settlement in the Jewel Valley. The fertile riverbed provides excellent farmland; the Gnarley Forest supplies lumber; and the river, along with the adjacent road, provide ample means of shipping goods in and out of the valley. The village borders the river , and there are several docks and warehouses along its banks. A large central market where commoners and adventurers alike can find most anything that they need dominates Pembrose. Lord Kyle’s manor sits on the village’s northwestern perimeter, surrounded by farmland and his private hunting grounds.

Major Locations

Lord Kyle’s Manor

Situated a quarter mile northwest of Pembrose, this twelve room, three story estate is surrounded by one hundred acres of farmland, private hunting grounds, and an orange grove.

Town Square and Market

The heart of Pembrose is the Town Square and its bustling market, The streets are cobbled and kept clean. A 10 foot high statue of Lord Kyle’s father, Jeremy Kyle, stands in the middle of the square. All the village merchants surround the Square, joined everyday by peddlers and farmers who arrive early in the morning with their carts and wagons to hawk their wares. Anything in the PHB that costs less than 200 gp can be purchased here in the market.

Culwert’s Perfect Armory (Two Dwarves Fine Weapons and Armor)

Culwert a venerable dwarf and brother of Odger, is the valley’s finest armorer, His prices are reasonable, and he is capable of crafting masterpieces. Culwert is not fond of talk and works ten hours a day, after which he can be found downing pint after pint at the Lonesome Drake Inn and Brewery. He has dreams of finding the final resting place of his brother, an adventurer who died in the Underdark, or so he believes.
This is currently being transitioned over to Torbin and Korbin, the dwarven brothers that the party freed from the Adlerweg Keep.
A new sign can be seen in the window proclaiming;
Two Dwarves Weapons and Armor – swords and armor for the heavy hitter. Weenie arms need not apply. Remember Hero Damosels love a real man with a really big sword.

Odger’s Excellent Arms

Culwert’s younger brother Odger runs this establishment. Odger is chattier than his brother, and can be prodded to divulge all sorts of rumors from the valley.

Tinker’s Trinkets

Tinker, a red bearded gnome, has run his pawnshop in Pembrose for twenty-five years. Before he opened the shop he was an adventurer himself, but he quit that dangerous profession when he realized he enjoyed more haggling with merchants over the price of the booty than he did procuring it. The most he can pay for any item is 1,000 gp, and then only once.
Most of what Tinker has for sale are jewels, baubles, and knick-knacks.
Tinker knows Tina, the sorcerer and potion maker in Bostwick, and despises her. He calls her The Witch. The reason for the feud goes back many years and involves a Wand of Magic Missiles that, for one reason or another, both believed belonged to them. Tina ended up with the wand (see Bostwick)

Osgood’s General Store

The PCs can buy all their sundry adventuring supplies here for reasonable prices. Twyla Osgood the diminutive (4ft, 10in.) gray-haired proprietor is a long time resident of the valley and good friend of Jeffar, the cleric of Pholtus who lives in Bostwick.

Regis Baum’s Fine Wines

Pembrose Red, a light fruity table wine , is bottled, sold, and distributed from this large two-story building. Regis and his wife Winifred live above their shop in a comfortable, six-room home. In fact, after Lord Kyle, the Baums are the most prosperous family in the village. Dylan Boxtoggar is the vintner for the wine harvested from the nearby hills.

The Green Table

This is Pembrose’s other tavern, aside from the Lonesome Drake. Starkly furnished with long tables (which, yes, are painted green) and rough wooden benches, the Table serves mutton and potato stew for lunch and breakfast seven days a week (2 sp, including tankard of ale). It is a simple one-story building run by a humorless halfling named Croonles. There are no rooms but the PCs can sleep on the floor of the common room for 5 sp.

The Lonesome Drake Inn and Brewery

This is the largest, cleanest, most reputable inn and eating establishment in the valley. Boris Stenker, his wife Irma, and their two sons, William and Tommy (ages 12 and 11) run the Drake for the last two years. Irma cooks the meals, Boris runs the bar and is responsible for the lodging, William looks after the stables, and Tommy-along with Brynna who’s worked at the bar for the last 15 years-helps serve the food.
Nearly any member of the village can be found at the Drake at one time or other. In times of strife it serves as a public gathering place where villagers can sort out their troubles.

Lost Temple of Pelor

General overview of the Temple of Pelor

Geographical Location: The Temple of Pelor is located 1 days journey northeast of Hommlet and 2 days from Pembrose.

The majority of map locations are rooms inside the temple. The temple rooms are consistent in design, unless stated otherwise, assume that:

  • The temple is in good repair.
  • The external walls are stone.
  • The ceiling, floor, and internal walls are wood.
  • Ceilings are 10-12 feet high.
  • Interior doors are made of wood, and can be locked (small iron bar) from the inside.
  • Doors to the outside are bound in iron.
  • Archways and door frames have a height of 8 feet.
  • Windows slide open (friction fit) and are marked on the map by slightly narrower lines on the exterior.
  • The only heating is a small fireplace on the second floor. It is used only to cook food.

Aboveground areas A


If they look closer at the building, the following is seen: The dense trees to the north are held back by a low stone wall. Two iron gates present a method through the stone wall, into another clearing beyond. A path winds through these gates, into the building ahead. Looking past the gates, you see a low circular stone wall, likely a well, then beyond that, a sturdy three story building. Surrounding the building, the forest continues.
The building is fairly stout looking — perhaps 120 feet wide by 80 deep — and made from stone and mortar. The stones are in good condition from the ground floor clear up to second and third floors. A portion of the roof was peaked, as if there was once a statue or iron symbol there. You expect that this building might have once been a church.

  • The stone wall
    The wall is made from loose stones stacked to a height of four feet, with a depth of roughly five feet.
  • The gates
    The iron gates are four feet high, probably swing easily over the tall grass and weeds that have grown up in the clearing.
  • Clearing, grass, weeds
    The large clearing that you’re standing in is roughly 140 feet in length, and 80 feet in depth. The smaller clearing to the north is roughly 80 feet in diameter around the well. Both clearings seem mostly overgrown with weeds, rising to a height of three feet in places. A path has been beaten through the weeds, leading through the closed gates and into the building ahead.
  • Path
    The path through the weeds is one to two feet wide, and consists of flattened grass. Clearly someone has been through here recently.
  • Well
    The well is fed by an underground stream, 50 feet below ground level. The rope is 55 feet long. Both the rope and the iron rung would support the weight of a human. The well is surrounded by a low stone wall which is in good repair. An iron rung has been affixed to the wall with thick metal spikes. A long thick rope is tied to the rung, and attached to the other end of the rope is a wooden bucket.
You’re standing in the entrance way to the building. The room is 40 feet square, with a high ceiling that is 2 stories high. A winding staircase leads up to the second floor, archways to the north and west lead into other rooms, and there is a sturdy looking door set in the east wall.
You’re in a square 40 foot square room with beautiful bay windows on the west and south walls. Set against the north wall is a raised dais that was clearly once a small temple. The remains of smashed stone artifacts litter the room, and have been replaced by a large hideous eye, painted on the wall. Two blood-red spears rest against the north wall.
There’s an archway in the east wall that leads to a room with a staircase, and an archway in the north wall that leads to a corridor.
You’re in a hallway, 30 feet wide and 50 feet long. There are bay windows set in the west and north walls, which provide a beautiful view of the encroaching forest. There are doors on the south and east walls. Two staircases border the eastern door; one leading up and one leading down. There are two iron sconces are set in the walls.
The hallway is ten feet wide, and 80 feet long. There are archways in the southwest, northeast and southeast ends, and a doorway in the northwest.
Eating Area
A large wooden table dominates this 30 foot by 40 foot room. Two bay windows on the north and east walls provide a view of the surrounding forest. The top of the table is littered with old bones and cuts of rotting meat. There’s an archway in the southern wall that leads to a hallway, and then behind that, offers a view of the front door of the building. There’s a door set in the center of the west wall.
The food is rotten and not worth keeping. The bones are from small animals—the largest may be a human femur (could be used as a small club; 1d4 bludgeoning damage, otherwise treat as a club). There are also several dozen broken wine bottles and an empty (and shattered) barrel of wine. There is a knife hidden in some trash on the floor near the table. It’s a standard knife (treat as a dagger in combat).
The balcony on the east side of this building is 30 feet deep, and runs the full 80 foot depth of the building. The ground is littered with broken clay pots that once held plants and small bushes, but the pots have been smashed, and the plants died long ago. There’s a stout door set in the west wall that leads into the building. Two staircases lead off the east side of the balcony into the forest.
Unless the werewolves have made other plans, there will always be 1 or 2 here in orc form, whittling at some wood, playing bones or some other game, or eating and drinking. There are doors on the eastern and northern walls. The wolves also enjoy sunning themselves on the porch and may be found here


The air in the basement is chilly and damp, with small broken wooden stool. There is also a touch of mold in the air.
This L-shaped room is roughly 30 feet by 30 feet, and has the same damp chill as the other rooms of the basement. The dominating feature of this room is a large wooden barrel set against the far wall. The barrel is set in a metal, mechanical structure that is connected to the stone walls. There is a single door set in the west wall.
The barrel can be easily identified as a large wine barrel. The barrel is empty. The purpose of the mechanical structure is a little more subtle. It is some form of mixing (allows the barrel to rotate slowly) mechanism for the barrel. Dismantled, the entire structure and barrel weigh 300 lbs, and would sell on an open market for 500gp. The structure can be dismantled with the tools in room 8.
This room is littered with many small tools, some of which are broken. You can make out a large wrench, gears, hammers, saws, and pipes. The air in this room is more stagnant than the entrance to the basement. There are doors on the eastern and northern walls.
The tools are of standard quality. There are at least: 3 wrenches, 2 gears, 1 hammer, 1 large saw, 1 small saw, several lengths of pipe, and 1 small broken wooden stool. There are also short lengths of twine, several dozen nails and a few short pieces of wood. There is a hidden manhole leading down to the underground areas concealed under one of the flagstones.
The first thing you notice as you descend the stairs, is the stale air. The air has a damp chill to it that makes you want to cough and sneeze at the same time. A large iron wine rack is bolted to the eastern wall. Several smashed bottles lay on the floor, but there are still a dozen bottles resting in the rack.
There are 14 bottles of wine on the rack. They range in quality. In a good market, they could be sold for: 10 at (each) 1d10+5 gp and 4 at (each) 1d10+20 gp. All bottles are fragile and weigh 11/2 lbs.

Second floor

You’ve entered a messy 20 foot by 30 foot room with junk strewn about. Several large blankets have been flattened into a round “nest” or bed. There are also several suits of armor, weapons and other equipment dropped into the northwest corner. A fireplace sits in the southeast corner of the room. Judging from the dust and junk piled on the hearth, it hasn’t been used in some time. There’s a door in the north wall that opens up to a balcony, and two more doors set in the south wall. Stairs in the east wall lead back down to the ground floor.
Searching will find:
2 suits of leather armour, 1 suit of leather armour
5 large blankets, with long hair on them (the wolves will often nest here)
1 cape and 1 cloak crumpled up in the corner
1 set of fine bracers etched with silver (non-magical; value 10 gp)
1 small pouch of sling stones (18)
1 dagger, tucked in an old sheath

Note: There’s a trap on the northern door!
You’ve entered a small 10 foot by 15 foot room. Like the other rooms in this building, the exterior western wall is made from stone, while the interior walls are made from sturdy timber. The room is empty. There are doors in the center of the north and south walls. Both doors open into the room. The northern door is trapped from the inside; as the door opens, 3 crossbows are triggered to fire into the opening door. There’s a small wooden contraption (with pulley and wire) to trigger the trap: also 3 light crossbows.
(Note: The door may be held shut with a wizard lock spell! )
You’ve opened the door to a narrow 20 foot wide room, that is 60 feet deep. A table with a broken leg sits in the middle of the room, and shelves adorn the western and eastern walls. Several old books line the shelves, with several torn books scattered on the ground. The only exit to this room is a door set in the north wall.
This used to be a small library. The PCs could salvage 12 books of a historical nature. The total value of these hand-scribed books would be 1d20+200gp; the total weight would be 12 lbs. Under the table is a small cot that the wizard will occasionally use to sleep in. Invariably, he’ll lock the door with a spell. While this is not the most opulent room in the temple, he felt that ejecting the shaman from his place of honor would lead to problems. So he’s taken this as a highly defensible room.
(Note: The door may be alarmed!)
You’ve entered a long room; roughly 30 feet long and 12 feet wide. A mattress sits on the southern end of the room, with a small pile of dirty clothing next to it. The only exit from this room is a door in the northern wall.
When sleeping, Gorrak can be found here. If he’s in the room, then he’ll also have set an alarm trap on the door—the door will open only 8 inches before being stopped by a chain and any movement will send a metal pipe crashing down on a sheet of metal.
Gorrak has tucked away 2 small gems (moonstone 70gp, garnet 130gp), a silver amulet with five green peridot stones in the pattern of a star, and one black stone in the center (275gp) and (125gp) in a leather pouch beneath a loose floorboard under the mattress.
This empty room is 10 feet square. There are doors set in the north and south walls.
You’re at the top of the circular staircase. Leaning over a short wooden railing, you can see the front door and entrance room below. Above your head, a crystal chandelier hangs from a hangs from a wooden beam in the ceiling. Hallways extend to the north and to the west. Two doors are set in the north wall. The staircase leads down to the ground floor.
The stubs of long candles are set along the perimeter of the chandelier. They are out of reach; at some time there must have been a method for lighting and replacing the candles.
The chandelier has a weight of only 30 lbs (but is incredibly awkward) and a value of 900gp in its current state. If the PCs spend 200gp cleaning it and replacing some of the broken crystal, then it could be sold for 2000gp.
Note: There are four rooms on the map that are described as #16. These are the living quarters for 6 of the orcs. In each of the three 10×10 foot rooms are two beds. At any given time, some may be occupied . Under all of the beds lie some spare equipment: a total of 14 spears, 2 suits of leather armour, 2 suits of studded leather armour, 1 large metal shield. (Obvious without searching). Search reveals a small pouch with 50gp tucked into a tear in the mattress. A small piece of costume jewelry valued at 2gp, hidden away in a hole in a blanket.

Third floor

You’ve entered a 60 foot long room that is divided in two by stairs leading down. At the widest parts, the room is 25 feet deep. Two cots have been set up against the east walls. There are two doors in the southern wall, and stairs leading down to the second floor.
There is a short (12 foot) length of rope tied down to the wall, and coiled near a window. (For use if they need to escape out the window, dropping to the balcony 1 floor down.)
You’ve entered the largest room that you’ve seen so far; a fully 60 feet wide and 30 feet deep. The furnishings have been, for the most part, kept up. There’s a long sofa, some chairs, and a fine desk. There are two doors in the north wall.
This is the room used by the shaman. He took the most prestigious room, even though the windows and two doors make it un defensible. Since this is the largest room, it’s also used as a communal room. Most of the “loot” is divided up here. Not that there is much loot to divvy up, since the orcs usually try to secret it away in their own pockets.
2 sets of studded leather armour
1 set of dwarven-sized platemail
1 sets of robes (with obvious blood and arrow holes)
4 sets of standard clothes
1 dwarven axe
2 quivers of arrows, 1 quiver of bolts
4 piles of coins, organized as follows: 100gp, 100gp, 100sp, 100sp.
Hidden away by the temple’s original occupants is a bag tucked in a false board in the ceiling. The bag is a magical bag of holding, and it contains:
A holy symbol of Pelor (a sun, made of gold). Resale value is 500gp for the gold and good handiwork; a cleric of Pelor might pay up to 750gp.
3 gems, valued at 50gp, 100gp, 200gp
+1 dagger
a scroll containing 3 clerical spells (regeneration, raise dead, heal)
A faded letter from the regional archbishop relaying some religious and political matters.
Note: This is not clearly marked on the map, but #19 should apply to the second floor not the third floor. There are two segments of “balcony” that are divided by a thick wall.
A balcony extends around the second floor, providing an excellent view of the surrounding forest. The railing is solid oak, and 4 feet high, which would provide excellent cover. There is no ceiling, and your head is exposed to the elements above. There are several doors and windows that lead back inside the building.
If the PCs manage to somehow get up here without being detected, expect that at least one guard to be stationed here. He’ll be on the larger balcony most of the time. Note that there are actually two separate sections to this balcony, as shown on the map. In both sections, the orcs will have left a small cache of weapons; 5 regular spears and a wooden shield.

Underground areas B

 Original maps by Dyson Logos

Stairs go down about 30 feet from area 8 in the cellar. The floor immediately beyond the stairs is of a white tile inlaid with a mosaic of blue and gold depicting a stylized sun face (Pelor’s symbol) with this inscription “The light of Pelor” circling the mosaic. Facing the stairs is a statue of a white robed man holding a staff, with a depiction of a face in the sun carved on the top, in his hand.
Trap: Anyone crossing the mosaic without saying “The light of Pelor” or brandishing a holy symbol of Pelor’s will activate the statue. Bolts of light/energy as per magic missile will shoot out from the staff, striking the nearest character once per round for 10 rounds. After ten rounds, twin bolts of light (4d6 damage) will shoot from the statue’s eyes.
AREA 20:
Thirty foot by twenty foot chamber To the left and right are two archways. The archways are formed by two female figures reaching up to touch the hands of the other. The women depicted are slightly different from each other: The ones on the right have shorter hair and are wearing chain shirts with swords strapped to their hips. To the left they have flowing robes with long hair cascading down around their shoulders and wear circlets (with places for gems which have been pried out).
Destroyed Murals: The walls and ceiling here were once covered in brightly painted murals; but the paint has faded and chipped to the point where no recognizable features can be made out.
A small hallway leads to the landing on the stairs (area 21).

AREA 21:
A landing on the stairs leading down twenty feet to area 22.
AREA 22:
This area is a large, irregular shaped room with an alcove in one wall facing a door. The alcove contains a headless statue of what appears to be a man wearing white robes. It holds a staff in his right hand. The head of the statue is missing.
Doors: The door from the hall has been smashed in (the lock hangs loosely from splintered wood). If the door leading to area 23 is opened, the sun face on the statues’ staff will glow a bright blue and then, a minute later, a strange, high-pitched wail will be emitted by the statue. Both the wailing and glow will fade away without any seeming effect a few moments later.
AREA 23:
Door is made of iron. In the far back corner on the right there is a wooden shelf. On the left, about midway down the wall, you see what appears to have once been a fireplace. The fireplace is now packed tight with dirt, with a cascade of looser earth spilling out across the floor of the chamber.
Doors: The door to area 23 will trigger a magical effect (see that area 22).
AREA 24:
Three skeletons are laid out collapsed on the floor near the far wall. Scraps of leather cling to them.
Doors: The door to area 25 is spiked shut (from this side).
AREA 25:
A small irregular chamber, twenty foot by forty feet. There are three broken swords lying on the floor. On the wall opposite the door there are three large indentations, as if someone had taken a great hammer and smashed it into the stone wall.
Broken Swords: Each has caked, blackened blood along one edge of it. The break on each sword looks as if the metal was actually cut.
Indentations: All at the same level. Equidistant along the wall.
AREA 26:
The chamber ends with a spiral staircase in the middle of the room leading down. Off to the left there are the shattered remnants of a thin wooden door which seems to have once led to a small closet.
AREA 27 Closet:
Door to the closet had at one time swelled into the frame and are but shattered remnants now. There’s an empty wooden shelf (swollen and warped). The floor has collected debris.

Underground areas C

AREA 28:
This thirty by thirty square chamber has a spiral staircase in the middle of the room leading up. Four exits lead out of this room. In the western doorway there are the shattered remnants of a wooden door which seems to have once led to another room. The other three doors are intact.
AREA 29: Common Crypts.
Due to a unknown phenomena of sound, every noise in here will echo loudly throughout the complex. Most of the room has been ransacked.
AREA 30: Warrior Crypts
Archways: Formed by two male figures reaching over and touching hands palm-to-palm. The ones to the north are in chain armor; the ones to the east are wearing tunics.
Treasure: There are 8 cp mixed into the detritus at the back of one of the crypts.
Destroyed Murals: The walls and ceiling surrounding the pool were once covered in murals, but the paint has faded and chipped to the point where they can no longer be identified.
AREA 31: Cleric Crypts.
This chamber is empty, but the murals on the wall here are not as badly damaged as those found elsewhere in the complex. On the wall opposite the door, there is a large figure. His face is missing – it appears to have been deliberately defaced; the wall itself has been deeply scratched. The figure wears robes and holds a staff in his outstretched hand with the tip pointed towards upward. Surrounding him are twelve women kneeling and offering various gifts unto him: Amphora in the hands of one; a large golden sword in the hands of another… The others are too difficult to make out; the paint has been too badly damaged.
AREA 32: Common Crypts.
Due to acoustics, every noise in here will echo loudly throughout the level. Most of the room has been ransacked.
AREA 33 Meditation Chamber:
This door is made of bronze with a sun engraved upon it. (The door is remarkably clean: Essentially spotless.) The door tingles to the touch.
Beneath the sun the following is engraved upon the door:“The path to the soul’s riches shall lie along no path of gaudy promise.”
This twenty foot square room has a door in the east and a closet in the west wall. The walls of this chamber are clad in white marble. In the center of the room is a statue of an armed woman brandishing a bastard sword and holding a shield. A stylized sunburst is depicted behind her head. A mural on the ceiling depicts white clouds in a blue sky. A gemstone worth at least 250 gp is lying in the offertory tray at her feet. Clerics of Pelor or Mayaheine resting & praying in this chamber will only require half the time required to rest/pray to regain spells. Those meditating in here feel as if they were on the roof of the temple looking up at a beautiful blue sky with the sun shining down regardless of the weather outside at the time. Meditating for 15mins= night of rest for healing purposes. (1/day/PC)
Hanging from a long iron rod on the far side of the room there is a single white tapestry in perfect condition. It depicts Pelor as he rides a mighty ki-rin surrounded by eagles and destroying evil with bolts of light. (The tapestry benefits from a mild enchantment to render it immune to the passage of time, but is otherwise unremarkable.) The tapestry itself is quite detailed and worth 1,000+ gp.
AREA 34 Closet:
There’s an wooden shelf. The top shelf has candles and a variety of incense. The bottom shelf is an assortment of miscellaneous bric-a-brac.
(A Sun Disk):The floor in this hallway is covered in a layer of dirt a foot deep.
Trap: (from room 32): Opening the door triggers a 50’ bolt of energy/light (4d6 damage). The door will then snap shut (resetting the trap). There is a circular sun disc of brass in the center of the wall opposite the door (from which the light/energy is emitted).
Pit Traps (from room 33): (30’ deep w/spikes): Covered by badly weathered, graying wood (beneath the dirt) – very weak. 2 in 6 chance that anyone crossing them will break through and fall. 1 in 6 chance that someone crossing will hear the wood creaking under them.
A T shaped chamber with stairs leading down in the east. The archway leading to the stairs leading down is framed by a large frieze of the sun. The curved wall is covered in elaborately carved stonework forming intricate sunburst designs.

Underground areas D

 Original maps by Dyson Logos

(A Sun Disk): Stairs go down about 30 feet from above. The floor immediately beyond the stairs is of a combination of dirt and solid bedrock. The walls are rough hewn from the rock.
A chamber is off to the left and a passageway meanders forwards for about twenty five feet before dropping off into a pool of water.
Trap: Anyone crossing the passageway between chambers 36 and the pool (room 40) without saying “The light of Pelor” or brandishing a holy symbol of Pelor’s will activate the trap. Bolts of light/energy as per magic missile will shoot out from the ceiling, striking the nearest character once per round for 10 rounds. After ten rounds, twin bolts of light (4d6 damage) will shoot forth. Closer inspection of the ceiling will reveal a circular sun disc of brass in the center of the roof of the chamber.
AREA 37:
The walls of this chamber are rough hewn from the rock. At end of the hall is a stairway leading up.
AREA 38:
The archway in this chamber is formed by two crossed staves. There are three iron chests at the side of the chamber. Their lids are thrown back and they have been completely emptied. The chests have been bolted to the floor, although the one on the right is slightly loose.
Secret Compartment: Beneath the iron chest on the right there is a hidden compartment. Loosening the bolts allows the chest to be removed, revealing the compartment. The compartment contains 9 thin strips of gold, each worth 100 gp. There is also a small flask of crystal filled with a reddish liquid (potion of fire resistance).
The ledge from the chamber below is twenty five feet down.
AREA 39:
Empty chamber. The ledge to the chamber above is twenty five feet down. This area is not accessible from Area 40 (because of the rock wall separating the two chambers.)
AREA 40:
This chamber is filled with a crystal clear water to a depth of 20’. There is a six foot ledge along the north wall of the chamber that leads to Area 41.

AREA 41:
A metallic pole covered in runes stands upright from the floor in the middle of this room.
AREA 42:
The ledge to the chamber below is twenty five feet down. This area is readily accessible from area 40. One would need to go around the six foot ledge to area 41 to get here easily.
Empty room with stair leading up to Area 43.

Underground areas E

AREA 43:
Empty chamber with stairs leading forty five feet down to Area 42. Two sets of stairs leading up from here along the west wall and one 10’ side passage along the east wall.
AREA 44:
Empty chamber. The west wall of this room has two levers set into the wall.
Levers: The one on the right releases the stone block trap in area 48 (and does nothing if it’s already down). The one on the left resets the trap (and does nothing if it’s already up).
AREA 45:
Empty room. The west wall of this room has a large wheel affixed to the middle of it.
Wheel: Operates the portcullis in area 47.
AREA 46:
Wooden door. Empty chamber. Looks to be an empty guards barracks with several cots along the back wall.
AREA 47:
Empty chamber. Stairs leading up from area 43. The portcullis at the bottom of the stairs is incredibly sturdy and difficult to break or lift. (It’s controlled from area 45.)
AREA 48:
Empty chamber. 1 in 6 chance of stepping on one of several pressure plates which will cause the stone block forming the ceiling to fall, crushing those beneath it (4d6 points of damage). Once the block has fallen, it’s possible for a halfling or an unarmored character to squeeze through the gap between the stone block and the ceiling.
The stone block can be reset or released from area 44.
AREA 49:
What appears to be an empty cave. Along the back wall is a secret door. Tree roots grow down through the ruined ceiling here, curling through the rubble pile. Secret door is hidden from this side, but easily detected from the other. It slides to one side, recessing into the rock wall.
Secret Door: Twisting one of the knots causes the door to swing aside.
The entrance to the cave is covered with thick bushes and shrubbery.

Taken from original material by Andrew Hay and maps by Dyson Logos and WotC

Adventure Recap

September 12, 2011 18:06
Hello and well met, your friendly narrator here to catch us up on the story. First and foremost I would like to apologize for the lapse in updates; to anyone who follows our plight. I was very busy ridding the world of danger and spreading peace across that land!
In my mind:

In actuality:

So, in short yea I goofed off. I’m sorry. But I digress, onward to our update!

When last we left off we had lost our dear companion Elmo. We decided that we would make the fiends pay. And due to the large amount of time that has passed I will be making a bulleted list. My deepest apologies for a less than par update.
  • The Moathouse
    • Lareth the Beautiful is their leader.
    • We brought him to his limits and he wanted to bargain.
    • He casts magical darkness to escape.
    • We backed off for a while, they reformed their army.
    • They began using spells and wards to hamper us.
    • We head to the Inn to find more members- Brandoboris a halfling fighter and Melf a half-elven thief wizard.
    • We lost Spugnoir and Brandoboris in a bloody battle.
    • We wised up and returned with Burne and Rufus.
    • Fireball took everyone down, McDirk smote Lareth in the name of Pelor.
  • Moving On
    • We meet James of the Golden Tongue in the Inn, who turns out to be an Assassin.
    • Melf is killed in his sleep
    • James attacks us in the night, we employ a Mage, Branton, to help us in the midnight brawl.
    • Branton likes us and joins us for an equal share of loot.
    • We pursue the enemy to Nulb, looking for a Mr.Green who employed the assassin.
    • We catch James and send him to jail, we give our account but he manages to escape.
  • Nulb
    • We meet Hruda and Mother Streng
    • McDirk’s medallion glows when Streng approaches telling us she is trustworthy and good
    • She sends us to meet Otis, Elmo’s “brudder”
    • He gives us information about the doors of The Temple of Elemental Evil, runes that will drive us insane, and ward us away; He would also like us to raise his brother.
  • To the Temple of Elemental Evil
    • We first head to the outer tower.
    • There are many enemies holed up in the tower.
    • Through superior tactics and bravery we are victorious with minimal losses.
    • Mathias and Branton are affected by the doors of the Temple and may never again approach them.
    • We take over the abandoned tower outside the ToEE as our base of operations near the Temple.
    • When we go to restock we encounter Lizards, we gut them and hit a mother load of treasure and loot.
  • Entering the Dread Temple
    • Upon entering the temple we find much artwork and statues of vile and sick acts.
    • Murder, Dystrophy, Malady, and Misanthropy are the themes, the marble is a sickening colour much resembling the innards of humans (relax it’s just marble but they wanted ugly marble)
    • We are attacked by Harpies (as an aside this is a “Kill Room”)
    • Being charmed by the Harpies, another room opens and we are swarmed by Ghouls.
    • The party is then captured by cultists and given a choice “serve us or die”.
    • Arthur and McDirk choose death.
    • Branton and Mathias say they will serve, however once given an opportunity Mathias sneaks out of the temple to safety, Branton is not so lucky and decides to remain and collect information that he will later use to exact revenge after his rescue.
  • Another approach
    • The Temple of Pelor in Greyhawk sends out Griffith, a Cleric of Pelor; and his long time friend Winton, a Paladin of Heironeous to look for the missing McDirk.
    • Also, in town we meet a Fighter, Dirk who accompanies us.
    • When bumbling around in the woods the party happens upon The Lost Temple of Pelor (forever known as the “Lost Found Lost then Misplaced and Rediscovered Temple of Pelor (the stern)”)
    • It was besieged by orcs, which we overtook and reconsecrated the LFLtMaRToP(tS).
    • There is also a village that is in shambles next to the Temple.
    • We meet up with Branton, Winton notices he is being escorted by agents of the ToEE so he attacks them and slays them.
    • The previous parties Tower is still standing and stocked.
    • In exploring a small cairn the party discovers a "Wishing Well" pool, that we all toss money into, The Party is now granted a Limited Wish.
  • Pembrose
    • Our reputation precedes us and Lord Kyle invites us for dinner.
    • He needs help with some problems in his surrounding area.
    • We meet a farmer named Borne, he’s having livestock trouble.
    • It’s troll trouble, we handle the trolls and save his farm.
    • Lord Kyle then send us through the Adlerweg to help him reclaim a castle that has been in his family that is now over thrown by orcs.
  • Bostwick
    • We meet the town leader Wychick who no one really trusts.
    • We meet Jeffra a surprisingly level headed follower of Pholtus of the Blinding Light
    • In our travels Winton meets a sentient glove that implores him to accept it’s aide in reclaiming the Adlerweg for Lord Kyle
    • There is an Ogre in charge of the taking of the castle.
    • He is trying to start a war with Pembrose and Bostwick by kidnapping the fire giant’s daughter.
    • We foil the plot and defeat the Evil Gauntlet (that is the anti-thesis to Winton’s Sentient Gauntlet) with an EPIC HIGH-FIVE
  • Back to the LFLtMaRToP(tS)
    • We meet a fighter Thomas Maplewood who agrees to come along for a fair share of loot.
    • Pelor grants Griffith a vision, all is not cleaned in his Lost Temple.
    • We go to the sub-basement to clear it out.
    • There are Ankhegs that wound the party.
    • Deciding to run head first into battle and that "Fortune Favours the Bold"; a wounded Winton leads the attack
    • Rushing bravely beneath each foe, he manages to slay two; the third however, literally tore Winton asunder.
    • We return to the Free City of Greyhawk.
    • In town the party meets Geraldt who states “I don’t care, just give me a cut and I’ll work with you”.
    • His stay is short lived and plagued with bad luck, possibly because of his nihilistic nature.
    • We meet a neighbor Joan who is very nice and very helpful to the party.
    • The party attempts to clear out a tower in the village that is nearby the lost temple.
    • There are many ogre and troll guards there.
    • Thomas dies in this incident.
    • We escape and head back to the lost temple.
    • In the night we are assaulted by the leader of the trolls we had escaped from.
    • Geraldt, in an uncaring and greedy maneuver, attempts to assassinate the leader; and fails miserably and dies.
  • Denizens of our Graveyard
    • Heading back to City of Greyhawk to get tombstones.
    • We meet Etheridge by the Fighters Guild, who wishes to join for an equal share and adventure.
    • Heading back to City of Greyhawk to resupply after many battles and delves into minor dungeons.
    • Etheridge and Dirk take on some odd jobs as mercenaries (at the behest of the Fighters Guild)
    • The Clerics of Pelor would like Griffith to find “The Font of Pelor” in the ToEE.
  • To Bostwick
    • We hear of activity in the graveyard.
    • In Bostwick we meet Tomasz Bergmann, a magic-user and follower of Boccob.
    • The graveyard outside of Bostwick hides a Temple of Nerull.
    • We meet a patrol of elves looking for their stolen statue.
    • When we arrive home we find that Winton’s grave has been disturbed-his skull was taken.
    • Tensions are mounting because of the Elves lost statue, they believe humans stole it.
    • We head back to the Temple of Nerull, and find that Lareth "the Beautiful" has been raised.
    • We overthrow the Temple and recover the missing statue; it was hidden in the Nerullian Temple.
    • They wanted to start war between the elves and humans.
  • To Lord Kyle
    • We need a place to stay after taking out the Temple of Nerull.
    • Lord Kyle gives us a standing invitation to his mansion whenever we need help.
    • We are awoken in the night by someone trying to assault Lord Kyle’s mansion.
    • It’s an assassin sent by Wychick
    • We go to Bostwick to get some answers, Wychick runs but is caught by Etheridge
    • We deliver him to Lord Kyle so he can do what he must.
  • At long last we are current
    • We are implored by some gnomes to help them clear their home.
    • Ogre’s have taken it over, and we agree to help; because that’s what good adventurers do.
    • We happen upon a room, that has a pair of Female Ogres attacking a halfling.
    • Upon slaying the assailants we realize that they had their two baby Ogres in the room watching.
    • We decide that it now rests on our heads to raise these babies, and show them that there is more to life than senseless slaughter and evil ways.
That is where we will leave off. Mainly because we are now caught up

and I will hopefully be updating more diligently. So until we next meet, fare thee well!