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"Pelinore is a lesser-known Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting was developed by TSR's UK offices in its Imagine magazine.
Pelinore articles primarily focused on a major urban center, the City League, and the surrounding county. Articles in Imagine detailed small locations within the City League that could also be used in any setting, as they were almost generic in execution.
Imagine presented a slice of this campaign world with each new issue from issue 16, up until its cancellation at issue 30. NPCs were usually numbered with a small printing of their ability statistics and a key number. If a building had code number 25, people within would for instance be 25A onwards.
After the demise of Imagine the former assistant editor, Paul Cockburn, created GameMaster Publications. This series of unofficial D&D modules was set in Pelinore with newly drawn maps and some renamed locations (eg, the "County of Cerwyn" became "Caerns"). Some modules described places beyond the boundaries of the established setting. From issue GM4 onwards Game Master Publications returned to the use of the original names and even reprinted the official maps from Imagine. Game Master Publications was canceled at issue GM5 in 1987."
Source: Wikipedia, "Dungeons_&_Dragons_campaign_settings", available under the CC-BY-SA License.

I had run into this a few years ago and downloaded the setting. Quite an interesting and detailed reading material. I particularly loved the artwork and cartography. For example, I think this layout of the inn along with the attached illustration is pretty cool.

Image of the Inn

If nothing else some good fodder for anyone’s campaign. Unfortunately I never saved the original location until someone else recently posted a link to this article and so I thought before I lose the link again I would post it here and share it with (the very few folks) who actually read this. Excerpted from (Phil Gyford’s website);

Pelinore from 'Imagine' magazine

Imagine was a magazine published in the UK by TSR in the early 1980s. While sorting out some of my role-playing past recently I found a folder of pages cut out of the magazines that describe a campaign world called Pelinore for Dungeons & Dragons. I googled and found a few forum threads in which people ask about it but not much else. So I’ve scanned everything I have and put them into this PDF document:

Given the size it’s probably best to right-click to download it, rather than trying to view it in your browser. It’s mostly complete from the various issues that Pelinore appeared in.

The articles from Imagine are as follows:
  • July 84- a new world
  • August 84 – The city league
  • September 84 - The Wynd
  • October 84 – Law and Order / North Docklands
  • November 84 – The city League/ Pablo Fanquays Fair
  • December 84 – The city league / The Arena
  • January 85 – The city league/ Gibbet street/ Guilds
  • February 85 – the big wide world
  • March 85 – The city league / the old bastion
  • April 85 – The cornucopia
  • May 85 – the Gods of Pelinore
  • June 85 – The county of Cerwyn: Burghalter
  • July 85 – the gods of the domains
  • August 85 – The city league/ monument square
  • September 85 – The city league / the Asylum

Looking around a little I also found a similar article from evilDM who also made it available on  Dropbox.

For a color map of County Cerwyn from the Pelinore setting, with hex grid and numbers look here.

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  1. My word, this brings me back a bit! I used to run a campaign in that setting around '01; wish I had that hex map then, the one I used was dreadful!

  2. Interesting...

    That building layout clearly shows the Pelinore folks recycled art for the 1st editoon of WFRP.

  3. Think I've got the full Pelinore set...Imagine 1-30 plus the Special Edition and GM1-5. Was there anything else published?

    1. That covers it pretty much, aside from some fan made tidbits. The one most notable I can think of is Kellri's stuff, if I remember correctly. But I haven't really done anymore digging into this since I posted this, and really don't consider myself an expert on the material.