Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hommlet Revisited

The group has been continuing on with the ToEE. Thus far there have been at least one to two characters per player turnover.  But their luck seems to be changing for the better the last few sessions. The party has thus far survived several serious assassination attempts and all out guerilla strikes by several factions. They have been getting a ton of experience between all of the fights and loot. There is some serious wealth and magic in the temple. Needless to say time in game has been flying along. Though they have yet to discover it while they've been busy inside the temple events in the world around them have been moving along at a rapid clip as well. Hommlet has undergone some serious changes from the raids by the ToEE and is in the process of trying to rebuild a stronger version of itself to survive the onslaught. The following map has been lifted from the Oerth Journal #10 pg. 59. Original cartography by Scott Knowles and Nathan Irving with modifications by me.

after map by Dave Sutherland

For a view of the original quaint little village go to this earlier post.

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