Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Branton's Tower

This is an update to the Griffithton Village map I posted a while back. The mage (Branton) has been slowly amassing his fortune and spending it to upgrade the original plans to his wizard tower. He has also been steadily gathering the contents for a full lab and library, as well. Since he has apprenticed himself to Crus who's speciality is the Underdark he has also added a secret tunnel entrance to these dark depths. The tunnel is currently collapsed by the dwarves working on the construction of the tower, since he doesn't want any unexpected guests showing up until he can provide the appropriate welcoming committee. Granted he (Branton) is still a couple of levels away from name level where he would be eligible for his own tower, but you have to remember it's still under construction and since the party is ready to start exploring the elemental nodes in the ToEE that day is not so far away. Anyway, below is the updated plan for the (new) Wizard Tower in Griffithton.

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