Sunday, January 31, 2016

Underdark Map - Trading Grounds

Since the last Underdark update the party has been exploring the lower third of the map. Actually more accurately party B has been exploring the Underdark while party A has been travelling the surface world clearing the Gray Plague from the land. Most of the player's had 2 PCs for a while there and since they're getting pretty high level [in the low to mid-teens] the group decided to split the party into Group A and Group B so that they weren't waltzing so easily through encounters and also partially to avoid having to split up XP so many ways.

As mentioned in my previous post I've been using much of the material from the Dragonsfoot Collaborative Project: Mapping the Depths of the Earth. As happens much of the time the players decided to go where you haven't prepared fully ahead of time. Wouldn't you know it the party decided to go to the trading grounds [L/19 M/19 on the Underdark map] which has no associated map. So I put together a quick map from the description for the PCs on the spot. This is the PC version only, the DM version has the manor and the rest at the bottom of the map behind the locked gate. I edited that portion out because the players do look at the blog posts occasionally. This way they're not tempted to look at what they haven't seen/explored yet. I'm finding the whole Encyclopedia Subterranica from this project to be of tremendous help and a great time saver in getting the various locations fleshed out for exploration. I would recommend it highly for anyone running the D series modules or any other Underdark adventure.

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