Tuesday, January 17, 2017

B2 Keep on the Borderlands - # 24 Fortress

I've been done with the B2 - Keep on the Borderlands Module for a little while now when I got a comment and then some followup floorplans for B2. Drew Williams sent me some very detailed plans for the fortress interior, #24 in the module. They were actually very thorough, so I switched them over to the blue format that I have all of the other maps in. These maps are designed to fit the description of the Keep Fortress (#24) on page 11 of the module. So without further ado I present to you maps originally made by Drew Williams.
Keep Fortress Cellar [1 square=5 feet]

Lower level legend:
  1. Guard Room
  2. Torture Chamber
  3. Prison Cells
  4. Cistern
  5. Record Chamber
  6. Scribe
  7. Jailer
  8. Storeroom
  9. Servant's Chamber
  10. Servant's Chamber
  11. Servant's Cahmber

Keep Fortress level 1 [1 square=5 feet]

Fortress Level 1 Legend:
  1. Foyer
  2. Great Hall
  3. West Hall
  4. Kitchen
  5. Buttery
  6. Pantry
  7. Guard Room
  8. Stairs up
  9. Couriers
  10. East Hall
  11. War Room
  12. Armory
  13. Stairs down
Note, side ports have been added for kitchen supply service and direct access to the stables for the cavalry. These ports are reinforced and highly defensible.

Keep Fortress level 2 [1 square=5 feet]

Keep Fortress Level 2 Legend:
  1. Guard Room
  2. West Parapet
  3. East Parapet
  4. Solar
  5. Wardrobe
  6. Chamber
  7. Chamber
  8. Chamber
  9. Privy
  10. Guest
  11. Balcony
  12. Open to area 2 below (Fortress level 1 map)
  13. Armory
  14. Barracks
  15. Barracks
  16. Bath

From an email from Drew;
So this layout is based on determining factors from the module: This is a military HQ. It houses A Castellan (a military position), his staff, servants, and cavalry (Men at Arms) barracked in upper area. It must be useful as a greeting hall and as a space to adjudicate legal and diplomatic matters. And it must include all the specifics listed on page 11. The Great Hall is given the full heights of 30' vaulting, to go with the 30' X 45' length & breadth. The East and West sides are divided by the Great Hall, and are purposed for the Castellan's staff and guests on the West, and the Cavalry on the East end, along with the Armory, and ready access to the Stables. It's also absurd to include only one door. Defensible "Sally Port" doors on each side for logical uses; The kitchen supply access, and the Cavalry access to the stables. I also depicted Seats, tables, and a chest in the Great Hall, as that is how a Castellan and his staff would be arranged when providing audience for all legal matters, and keeping written records of all legal concerns, to later report to the crown as required.


  1. Thanks, these are great, Alfons!


    1. No problem. I think with this map I've covered most anywhere the PCs might want to go inside the Keep itself.

  2. I'm interested in getting in contact with Drew Williams, does he have a blog?

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    1. Thanks, hope they were useful in your game.

  4. Thank you SO MUCH for these maps. They saved me so much trouble and anxiety trying to come up with something on my own!