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Timeline of the Flanaess


-217 CY Founding of the Kingdom of Aerdy. (428 OR)

-113 CY "The Great Disembarkment"; the Aqua-Oeridians sail eastward. (522 OR)

-110 CY Battle of a Fortnight's length. (535 OR)

1 CY Crowning Nasron, of the House of Cramden, as the Overking of Aerdy. (645 OR)

75 CY Tenmeris and his Queen, Yalranda rule Aerdy. (720 OR)

100 CY Foundation of Viceroyalty of Furyondy. (745 OR)

107 CY The Overking of Aerdy constructs Castle Millennium at Seawolf Point. (752 OR)

113 CY Alisedran's report of The Hanging Glacier. (758 OR)

155 CY Attir Aedorich's discovery of the Sinking Isle. (800 OR)

198 CY The appearance of the Ball of Fire over the South of the Great Kingdom. (843 OR)

200 CY City of Leukish began as a trading post. (845 OR)

213 CY Age of Great Sorrow. (858 OR)

254 CY Kingdom of Furyondy declared with crowning of Thrommel I. Veluna and Tenh follow in declaring independence. (899 OR)

272 CY Padin the Vain uses the Hand of Vecna to start the Insurrection of the Yaheetes, a Flanae enclave in the North Province. The Malachite Throne destroys them to a person. (917 OR)

283 CY Thrommel III begins construction of Chendl. (916 CY)

290 CY "Vecna II" builds rises in the Bone March Area and builds Tyrus. He rules for 100 years with the aid of the Eye of Vecna. (935 OR)

310 CY Beginning of the Formation of the Shield Lands. (955 OR)

320 CY Nomads Appear in the North, outer dependencies of Aerdy gain sovereignty. (965 OR)

350 CY The formation of the Bandit Kingdoms complete. (995 OR)

356 CY Kingdom of Nyrond established, Kingdom of Keoland reaches peak; Keoland's "Small War" with Furyondy. Urnst become independent. Theocracy of the Pale founded by religious refugees of Pholtus from the Great Kingdom. (1001 OR)

360 CY Battle of Molvar and Battle of Lopolla end Keolandish expansion to the North. (1005 OR)

371 CY Founder of Bandit Kingdom City of Rookroost assassinated. Starts precedent for ascension to leadership of that enclave. (1016 OR)

375 CY Zagig Yragerne begins construction of Greyhawk Castle. (1020 OR)

390 CY The Malachite Throne overthrows Vecna II. (1025 OR)

393 CY Zagig Yragerne founds the Guild of Wizardry in Greyhawk. (1028 OR)

394 CY The publishing of Pontus Hardiggin's, halfling traveler extraordinaire, journals and his description of Esmerin, "the land of giants and halflings in the Lortmils." (1029 OR)

400 CY Voorman Perren unites cantons of Perrenland. (1035 OR)

416 CY The paladin, Myro, conquers one of the bandit kingdoms and declares himself "king." (1041 OR)

430 CY Vlek Col Vlekzed establishes the Hold of Stonefist. (1065 OR)

435 CY An unnamed agent of an evil deity bestows the Hand of Vecna, on Myro. He is corrupted by it. (1070 OR)

437 CY Turmoil Between the Crowns. House Naelax replaces House Rax on Malachite Throne. (1072 OR)

440 CY Warrior-Priests of Wintershiven found the Church Militant (of Pholtus). (1075 OR)

446 CY Founding of Iron League; Bandit Kings sack Trigol; Assassination of the entire house of Rax in the Great Kingdom. (1081 OR)

449 CY Second Civil War in Rauxes. University of Rauxes sacked. (1084 OR)

450 CY Myro is destroyed by a joint force from Nyrond, Furyondy and the Shield Lands. (1085 CY)

453 CY King Tavish III of Keoland dies, Tavish IV ascends to throne; end of Keoish Emperialism. The ill-fated expedition of Sormod of Perrenland to find Eru-Tovar, north of Blackmoor. (1088 OR)

455 CY Sunndi rebels against the Great Kingdom, joins the Iron League. (1090 OR)

461 CY Demi-human realm of Ulek affected, demi-human realm of Celene revealed (although it is also "affected" in the eyes of the Great Kingdom, this hidden Elven realm actually just decides to open communications with the human kingdoms at this time). (1096 OR)

465 CY Volte, a blue dragon terrorizing Geoff and Sterich, is defeated by a group of adventurers aided by Schemley, a Greyhawk dragon. (2000 OR)

468 CY The Witch-Queen Iggwilv's power grows in the Yatils. She conquers Perrenland. (2003 OR)

478 CY Iggwilv is overthrown and imprisoned. Perrenland is liberated. (2013 OR)

479 CY Might of Iuz grows, humanoid invasions become common. (2014 OR)

480 CY City of Elredd founded by a Wolf Nomad warrior on the site of earlier camp settlements. (2015 OR)

494 CY Ivid I dies, Ivid II ascends the Malachite Throne. (2029 OR)

497 CY Ivid II is assassinated and replaced by his son, Ivid III. (2032 OR)

498 CY County of Urnst becomes Palatinate under Duchy of Urnst; Greyhawk becomes free city. (2033 OR)

505 CY Imprisonment of Iuz in beneath the Castle Greyhawk. (2040 OR)

506 CY Jurnre falls at the height of The Hateful Wars. (2041 OR)

510 CY Last of the Euroz and Jebli driven from the Lortmil Mountains. Lord Sandor the Headstrong of Polvar (in Ket) pursues the goblin horde of Urgush. Both forces are lost to the poisons of Csipros Erd, the Geysers of Death located somewhere in the maze of valleys and hills north of the Barriear Peak region. This ended the Hateful Wars. (2045 OR)

511 CY The Battle of Dour Pentress. (2046 OR)

513 CY Rise of Horned Society; humanoids take Pomarj. (2048 OR)

516 CY First Sighting of the Velunese Lights. (2051 OR)

519 CY Founding of Azak-Zil ("Pureheart") by the dwarven clan Highgate. (2054 OR)

520 CY Hradji Beartooth's discovery of Skrellingshald. (2054 OR)

522 CY King Belvor II is crowned in Furyondy. (2056 OR)

523 CY Storrich of the Hold of Stonefist supposedly enter the Burning Cliffs region. (2057 OR)

524 CY Loss of Azak-Zil. (2058 OR)

526 CY Dyvers becomes a Free City. (2060 OR)

537 CY King Belvor III of Furyondy dies in his sleep. (2071 OR)

550 CY The Valley of the Mage is established. (2084 OR)

555 CY The Frutzii are conquered by the Schnai. (2089 OR)

556 CY The discovery the unusual halfling casket in the River near Courwood. Ivid IV is assassinated by his son, Ivid V. (2090 OR)

(The following years from 557-583 CY are called "The Times of Struggle" by historians.)

557 CY Rise of the Slaver Lords in Drachensgrabs. (2091 OR)

560 CY Formation of the Circle of Eight. (2094 OR)

561 CY The Wizard Murq captures and kills many of the children of the nobility of Greyhawk. (2095 OR)

563 CY Bone March taken by humanoids. (2097 OR)

566 CY Alliance of Drow with Giants in the West of the Flanaess. (3000 OR)

567 CY The "Beggar's War" in Greyhawk Beggar's Union defeated by Thieves' Guild. (3001 OR)

569 CY Battle of Emridy Meadows -- Horde of Elemental Evil Scattered. Herzog of the South Province leads forces to a minor victory over the Golden League (Nyrond, Almor and the Iron League). (3003 OR)

570 CY Iuz freed from captivity and returns north. (3004 OR)

571 CY Irongate joins the Golden League and drives Ivid's forces under the Herzog back to the South Province. (3005 OR)

572 CY The Dawnbreaker Clan of Rauxes fails to overthrow Ivid. Sea Barons defeat Duxchaners in The Battle of Medegia. (3006 OR)

573 CY Scarlet Brotherhood first reported; Prince of Furyondy and Provost of Veluna kidnapped; The Cult of the Reptile God Rises in Orlane. (3007 OR)

575 CY Appointment of the People's Constables in Greyhawk City. Duke Eyeh II of Tenh begins an aggressive campaign to clear the Troll Fens. (3009 OR)

576 CY "Guide to the World of Greyhawk" completed by Pluffet Smedger the Elder. (3010 OR)

The Oeridian Record (abbreviated OR, and called Oerid Reckoning) is a method of counting the years among the Oeridian people. It is commonly used for dates prior to Year 1 in the Common Year calendar, and by many Oeridian-settled nations that were never part of the Great Kingdom.

Year 1 in the Common Year (CY) calendar is equivalent to 645 in the Oeridian Record. -1 CY is equivalent to 644 OR.

In ancient times the Oeridians were nomads who wandered the central plains of Oerik west of the Tyurzi Mountains. In the year 1 of the Oeridian Record, while the Baklunish-Suloise Wars were threatening to overwhelm the Oeridian homelands, these nomads united their tribes in a single confederation to resist imperial Baklunish incursions from the Ulsprue Mountains and by Baklunish nomads to the north.

(This calendar is based on several TSR publications including: The World of Greyhawk, The City of Greyhawk, The Temple of Elemental Evil (T1-4), Rary the Traitor (WGR3), The Marklands (WGR4), Vale of the Mage (WG12), Vecna Lives (WGA4), Dungeon Master's Guide 1st ed., Greyhawk Adventures (TSR) and others by TSR based on the work of Gary Gygax).

NOTE : All dates include a cross reference to other calendars. This was done to establish the historical relationship to the cultures most connected to the calendar in question and the common year (CY).

All calendars are based on the World of Greyhawk campaign setting (TSR).

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