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Adventure Recap

September 12, 2011 18:06
Hello and well met, your friendly narrator here to catch us up on the story. First and foremost I would like to apologize for the lapse in updates; to anyone who follows our plight. I was very busy ridding the world of danger and spreading peace across that land!
In my mind:

In actuality:

So, in short yea I goofed off. I’m sorry. But I digress, onward to our update!

When last we left off we had lost our dear companion Elmo. We decided that we would make the fiends pay. And due to the large amount of time that has passed I will be making a bulleted list. My deepest apologies for a less than par update.
  • The Moathouse
    • Lareth the Beautiful is their leader.
    • We brought him to his limits and he wanted to bargain.
    • He casts magical darkness to escape.
    • We backed off for a while, they reformed their army.
    • They began using spells and wards to hamper us.
    • We head to the Inn to find more members- Brandoboris a halfling fighter and Melf a half-elven thief wizard.
    • We lost Spugnoir and Brandoboris in a bloody battle.
    • We wised up and returned with Burne and Rufus.
    • Fireball took everyone down, McDirk smote Lareth in the name of Pelor.
  • Moving On
    • We meet James of the Golden Tongue in the Inn, who turns out to be an Assassin.
    • Melf is killed in his sleep
    • James attacks us in the night, we employ a Mage, Branton, to help us in the midnight brawl.
    • Branton likes us and joins us for an equal share of loot.
    • We pursue the enemy to Nulb, looking for a Mr.Green who employed the assassin.
    • We catch James and send him to jail, we give our account but he manages to escape.
  • Nulb
    • We meet Hruda and Mother Streng
    • McDirk’s medallion glows when Streng approaches telling us she is trustworthy and good
    • She sends us to meet Otis, Elmo’s “brudder”
    • He gives us information about the doors of The Temple of Elemental Evil, runes that will drive us insane, and ward us away; He would also like us to raise his brother.
  • To the Temple of Elemental Evil
    • We first head to the outer tower.
    • There are many enemies holed up in the tower.
    • Through superior tactics and bravery we are victorious with minimal losses.
    • Mathias and Branton are affected by the doors of the Temple and may never again approach them.
    • We take over the abandoned tower outside the ToEE as our base of operations near the Temple.
    • When we go to restock we encounter Lizards, we gut them and hit a mother load of treasure and loot.
  • Entering the Dread Temple
    • Upon entering the temple we find much artwork and statues of vile and sick acts.
    • Murder, Dystrophy, Malady, and Misanthropy are the themes, the marble is a sickening colour much resembling the innards of humans (relax it’s just marble but they wanted ugly marble)
    • We are attacked by Harpies (as an aside this is a “Kill Room”)
    • Being charmed by the Harpies, another room opens and we are swarmed by Ghouls.
    • The party is then captured by cultists and given a choice “serve us or die”.
    • Arthur and McDirk choose death.
    • Branton and Mathias say they will serve, however once given an opportunity Mathias sneaks out of the temple to safety, Branton is not so lucky and decides to remain and collect information that he will later use to exact revenge after his rescue.
  • Another approach
    • The Temple of Pelor in Greyhawk sends out Griffith, a Cleric of Pelor; and his long time friend Winton, a Paladin of Heironeous to look for the missing McDirk.
    • Also, in town we meet a Fighter, Dirk who accompanies us.
    • When bumbling around in the woods the party happens upon The Lost Temple of Pelor (forever known as the “Lost Found Lost then Misplaced and Rediscovered Temple of Pelor (the stern)”)
    • It was besieged by orcs, which we overtook and reconsecrated the LFLtMaRToP(tS).
    • There is also a village that is in shambles next to the Temple.
    • We meet up with Branton, Winton notices he is being escorted by agents of the ToEE so he attacks them and slays them.
    • The previous parties Tower is still standing and stocked.
    • In exploring a small cairn the party discovers a "Wishing Well" pool, that we all toss money into, The Party is now granted a Limited Wish.
  • Pembrose
    • Our reputation precedes us and Lord Kyle invites us for dinner.
    • He needs help with some problems in his surrounding area.
    • We meet a farmer named Borne, he’s having livestock trouble.
    • It’s troll trouble, we handle the trolls and save his farm.
    • Lord Kyle then send us through the Adlerweg to help him reclaim a castle that has been in his family that is now over thrown by orcs.
  • Bostwick
    • We meet the town leader Wychick who no one really trusts.
    • We meet Jeffra a surprisingly level headed follower of Pholtus of the Blinding Light
    • In our travels Winton meets a sentient glove that implores him to accept it’s aide in reclaiming the Adlerweg for Lord Kyle
    • There is an Ogre in charge of the taking of the castle.
    • He is trying to start a war with Pembrose and Bostwick by kidnapping the fire giant’s daughter.
    • We foil the plot and defeat the Evil Gauntlet (that is the anti-thesis to Winton’s Sentient Gauntlet) with an EPIC HIGH-FIVE
  • Back to the LFLtMaRToP(tS)
    • We meet a fighter Thomas Maplewood who agrees to come along for a fair share of loot.
    • Pelor grants Griffith a vision, all is not cleaned in his Lost Temple.
    • We go to the sub-basement to clear it out.
    • There are Ankhegs that wound the party.
    • Deciding to run head first into battle and that "Fortune Favours the Bold"; a wounded Winton leads the attack
    • Rushing bravely beneath each foe, he manages to slay two; the third however, literally tore Winton asunder.
    • We return to the Free City of Greyhawk.
    • In town the party meets Geraldt who states “I don’t care, just give me a cut and I’ll work with you”.
    • His stay is short lived and plagued with bad luck, possibly because of his nihilistic nature.
    • We meet a neighbor Joan who is very nice and very helpful to the party.
    • The party attempts to clear out a tower in the village that is nearby the lost temple.
    • There are many ogre and troll guards there.
    • Thomas dies in this incident.
    • We escape and head back to the lost temple.
    • In the night we are assaulted by the leader of the trolls we had escaped from.
    • Geraldt, in an uncaring and greedy maneuver, attempts to assassinate the leader; and fails miserably and dies.
  • Denizens of our Graveyard
    • Heading back to City of Greyhawk to get tombstones.
    • We meet Etheridge by the Fighters Guild, who wishes to join for an equal share and adventure.
    • Heading back to City of Greyhawk to resupply after many battles and delves into minor dungeons.
    • Etheridge and Dirk take on some odd jobs as mercenaries (at the behest of the Fighters Guild)
    • The Clerics of Pelor would like Griffith to find “The Font of Pelor” in the ToEE.
  • To Bostwick
    • We hear of activity in the graveyard.
    • In Bostwick we meet Tomasz Bergmann, a magic-user and follower of Boccob.
    • The graveyard outside of Bostwick hides a Temple of Nerull.
    • We meet a patrol of elves looking for their stolen statue.
    • When we arrive home we find that Winton’s grave has been disturbed-his skull was taken.
    • Tensions are mounting because of the Elves lost statue, they believe humans stole it.
    • We head back to the Temple of Nerull, and find that Lareth "the Beautiful" has been raised.
    • We overthrow the Temple and recover the missing statue; it was hidden in the Nerullian Temple.
    • They wanted to start war between the elves and humans.
  • To Lord Kyle
    • We need a place to stay after taking out the Temple of Nerull.
    • Lord Kyle gives us a standing invitation to his mansion whenever we need help.
    • We are awoken in the night by someone trying to assault Lord Kyle’s mansion.
    • It’s an assassin sent by Wychick
    • We go to Bostwick to get some answers, Wychick runs but is caught by Etheridge
    • We deliver him to Lord Kyle so he can do what he must.
  • At long last we are current
    • We are implored by some gnomes to help them clear their home.
    • Ogre’s have taken it over, and we agree to help; because that’s what good adventurers do.
    • We happen upon a room, that has a pair of Female Ogres attacking a halfling.
    • Upon slaying the assailants we realize that they had their two baby Ogres in the room watching.
    • We decide that it now rests on our heads to raise these babies, and show them that there is more to life than senseless slaughter and evil ways.
That is where we will leave off. Mainly because we are now caught up

and I will hopefully be updating more diligently. So until we next meet, fare thee well!

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