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Prominent Geographical Features of Greyhawk - Mountain Ranges



The Corusks form a bow, the backbone of the Thillonrian Peninsula, which runs from the Solnor Ocean in the east, north and west and then southwest where the range terminates (Hraak Pass). While the lower parts of the mountains are inhabited by humans, various bands of evil humanoids and monsters of all sorts dwell in the central fastness. It is thought that this range possesses little in the way of valuable ores or gems.



The Crystalmist range is the highest on the Flanaess. It begins where the Ulsprue and the Barrier Peaks join and runs southeast to the Hellfurnaces. Beyond these mountains to the west is the Dry Steppes area, while several small states nestle against its eastern slopes where arms are thrust northward and eastward. Amidst the high peaks and weird valleys of the Crystalmists dwell many and varied monsters, tribes of humanoids, and many giants, ogres, and the like. Despite this fact, men often enter the range in search of precious metals and gems, for exceptionally bold and sturdy mountain dwarves also reside amidst these mountains. A great glacier in the middle of the range gives rise to the Davish River (which flows through Stench to join the Javan).



As the name implies, the peaks of these mountains are the habitat of many monstrous creatures. The Griff range extends from the western terminus of the Corusks at Hraak Pass, southwest and west for over 100 leagues. These mountains divide the Hold of Stonefist from the Duchy of Tenh and the Theocracy of the Pale below. Being only a trifle lower than the Corusks, the Griff Mountains are similarly uninviting to human settlement, although there are some sprinkled here and there, for these mountains do contain valuable mineral deposits. There is supposedly a small and beautiful land in the heart of this range. Ruled by a powerful prince, and protected from all invasions by magic and might, this tiny realm is said to have buildings roofed in copper and silver, gold used as lead is elsewhere, and jewels lying about on the ground.



The Hellfurnaces range is part of the Crystalmist Mountain range, but it is active volcanically in many places, and thus its different name. As with the northern part of the chain, the Hellfurnaces are a hive of evil, being populated with all sorts of monsters, particularly those, which enjoy warmer temperatures, such as Fire Giants. There are reported to be whole labyrinths of passages under this range of mountains, these underworld highways actually going for scores, possibly hundreds, of miles in all directions.



These mountains are clustered thickly for many leagues west and south of Lake Quag. They, along with the Barrier Peaks, divide the Baklunish portion of the continent from the rest – save in the north where western nomads have pushed across the top and beyond. These mountains form the boundaries of Ekbir, Tusmit, and Ket to the west. In and along their eastern slopes are found the Concatenated Cantons of Perrenland and the territory of the Olvenfolk (Highfolk). There are numerous humanoids and monsters dwelling within this range of mountains, but there also are some hardy demi-humans and mountaineers. The Yatils are quite rich in ore deposits and gems, although it is difficult to locate and mine such deposits.



Barrier Peaks: This range stretches from the southwestern edge of Bramblewood Forest to the Crystal-mists. Its terminus of northern hills is so rugged and steep as to be regarded as basically part of the mountain chain. The Valley of the Mage is hidden within the central Barriers, and their southwestern end forms the western boundary of the Grand Duchy of Geoff. These mountains are infamous for their strange inhabitants. Of course, there are some dwarves dwelling in hidden places within the Barrier range, for they have many precious minerals and gems.

Clatspur Range: This small group of mountains below the Sepia Highlands borders the Vesve Forest on the west and funnels the southern portion of Lake Quag. These peaks have some valuable minerals, and Perrenlanders dwell in small villages in the lower ranges and valleys. There are few demi-humans found in the Clatspurs proper.

Drachensgrab (Mountains): The small Drachensgrab mounts are highlighted by several towering peaks, which thrust up from their center. The whole area is known to be filled with prized metals and fine quality gemstones, but many strange creatures of hostile nature live amidst the hills and mountains of the Drachensgrab. Additionally, it is speculated that some terrible curse is upon the area, and legends relate that some powerful being or beings will arise in anger if their resting-place is ever disturbed. The mountains are now the major stronghold of humanoid invaders holding the whole Pomarj area. These include ores, hobgoblins, bugbears, and numbers of ogres and ogre magi.
Glorioles: This is another lesser mountain range, which is found at the northwestern end of the Hestmark Highlands. The Rieuwood lies to the west of the Glorioles, and the Grayflood and Thelly Rivers above. The peaks and valleys of this range are the homeland of perhaps 10,000 or more mountain dwarves. These dwarves, despite an antipathy for elvenkind, have of late aided in the warfare being conducted by the Iron League against the invading forces of the Great Kingdom.

Jotens: The largest arm, or spur, of the Crystalmists is known as the Jotens, both because these mountains are very high and imposing, and also because they are the dwelling place of numerous hill giants and not a few stone and cloud giants as well. In all other respects this range is similar to the Crystalmists (q.v.).

Lortmil Mountains: This low chain of mountains, often fading into hills with age, contains several very imposing mounts nonetheless. It is the homeland of many sorts of demi-humans – dwarves, gnomes, mountain dwarves, and a few venturesome halflings, as well as scattered aarokocra tribes. These folk have acted in concert in the past to expel most of the humanoids and many of the vicious monsters from the Lortmils, and they are subjects of the small states, which have formed in the shelter of the range such as the Ulek realms and Celene (qq.v.). The Lortmil Mountain range contains some of the richest gem and precious metal deposits known, and the dwarves, gnomes, and halflings living in the region are reputedly as wealthy as princes.

Rakers, the: A southern arm of the Griff Mountains which runs downward into the central part of eastern Flanaess is known as the Rakers, as the tall, sharp peaks seemingly rake the skies. Their terminus, the Flinty Hills, is discussed elsewhere (see Hills and Highlands). Although infested with humanoids and fearsome creatures, these mountains also provide a home for a number of groups of dwarves and mountain dwarves. It is not known how much valuable ore is contained within these peaks.

Sulhaut Mountains: This range runs westward the place where the Crystalmists and Hellfurnaces meet. It separates the Dry Steppes from the ghastly Sea of Dust (q.v.). It can only be supposed what can be found in these mountains, for no certain information is available to us. Reports of Drow are not uncommon. A tortuous pass supposedly exists, enabling passage from the Dry Steppes into the Sea of Dust or eastward into the kindlier lands of the Flanaess.
Ulsprue: The lesser peaks of the Crystalmists, thrust northwest and north into the Plains of the Paynims, are known to the Baklunish as the Ulsprue, possibly for the people who dwell in the cup which these mountains and the Barrier Peaks form on the plains. No certain information regarding other aspects of this range is available.

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