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Prominent Geographical Features of Greyhawk - Rivers

Artonsamay River: This is one of the longest rivers on the continent. It is navigable from Redspan Town in Tenh all the way to Nyr Dyv.

Att River: A tributary of the Velverdyva, which is navigable to small craft well beyond Littleberg.

Blackwater: A tributary of the Dulsi.

Blashikmund River: A tributary of the Tuflik, which forms the current border between Ekbir and Tusmit.

Cold Run: A tributary of the Artonsamay, which flows south to join that river west of the town of Rookroost.

Crystal River: A tributary of the Veng.

Davish River: A very cold and rapidly running tributary of the Javan.

Deepstil River: A tributary of the Dulsi, which flows eastward through the Vesve Forest.

Dulsi River: A broad and deep inlet of Whyestil Lake, navigable to the fork of the Blackwater.

Duntide: A river rising in the Flinty Hills, which flows southward into the Gnatmarsh where it joins the Nesser.

Ery River: A tributary of the Selintan, which flows south of Greyhawk City.

Fals River: A tributary of the Velverdyva, which marks the northern boundary of Veluna.

Flanmi River: The greatest water in eastern Flanaess, its basin drains nearly all of the Great Kingdom, and most of the river and its tributaries are navigable by ship all the way to Rauxes, and by barge beyond.

Fler River: The principal inlet to Lake Quag, flowing from the Burneal Forest and the Land of Black Ice beyond. It is supposed that much of this river is passable to large craft.

Franz River: A tributary of the Nesser, which is navigable to Trigol. It forms the boundary between Nyrond and the County of Urnst.

Frozen River: A swift flow running mainly north from the Griff Mountains through the lands of Stonefist to empty into White Fanged Bay.

Grayflood: A tributary of the Thelly, which now marks the extent of land, claimed by the Iron League (Sunndi).

Harp River: One of the longest rivers of the continent, the Harp’s headwaters are in the Rakers, and its mouth is near Chathold in Almor where it empties into Relmor hay. It is navigable for about half its length.

Hool River: A tributary of the Javan, broad and with swampy banks.

Imeda River: A tributary of the Flanmi, which joins the latter at Rauxes.

Javan River: This river is the longest on the continent, beginning high in the Barriers and coursing southward for hundreds of miles before turning east and emptying into the Azure Sea above Monmurg in the Hold of the Sea Princes. It is usable by large vessels only to the town of Cryllor in the Good Hills of Keoland.

Jewel River: A river which rises just south of the Kron Hills and flows south through the Gnarley Forest, Welkwood, and Suss Forest to empty into the Azure Sea. It divides the Principality of Ulek from the Pomarj. About 150 miles of the waterway are navigable by large craft.

Kewl River: A tributary of the Sheldomar, which divides the Duchy from the County of Ulek.

Lort River: A tributary of the Sheldomar, which divides Gran March from Ulek Duchy.

Mikar River: A tributary of the Flanmi, which rises in the Lone Heath and flows through Grandwood Forest.

Nesser River: A long and exceptionally broad and deep artery, which drains Nyr Dyv. Despite many islands and numerous channels, the Nesser is so wide (over three miles on the average) that seagoing vessels can sail up or down its entire length if properly piloted. It forms the boundary between Nyrond and the Duchy of Urnst.

Neen River: A tributary of the Selintan River, which is broad but shallow.

Old River: A tributary of the Sheldomar, which bounds County Ulek from the Principality.

Opicm River:
The eastern inlet of Whyestil Lake, which also rises in the Cold Marshes. It forms the boundary of the lands of Iuz.

Realstream River: A tributary of the Javan, which flows through the Dim Forest to join the latter waterway just below the town of Hochoch.

Ritensa River: A tributary of the Veng, which divides the Shield Lands and the Bandit Kingdoms from the territory of the Horned Society.

Selintan River: A relatively broad and deep channeled outlet of the western Nyr Dyv, it flows past Free City of Greyhawk into Woolly Bay, and is plied by considerable traffic.

Sheldomar River:
A river, which divides Keoland from the Ulek States and is navigable from its mouth to the city of Niole Dra.

Teesar Torrent: An exceedingly swift river which rises in the North Province of the Great Kingdom and feeds the Harp below the Blemu Hills.

Thelly River: A tributary of the Flanmi navigable to the town of Nulbish.

Trask River: The Trask flows eastward through the North Province of the Great Kingdom to empty into the Solnor Ocean. The Town of Atirr at its mouth is a busy seaport.

Tuflik River: This is a long, westward-flowing river which has its headwaters in the northern end of the Barrier Peaks and divides Ket and Tusmit from the Plains of the Paynims. It is also the boundary between Ekbir and Zeif. The Tuflik empties into the Dramidj Ocean.

Velverdyva River: This river might be the second longest on the continent. There is debate whether the lower Fler should be called the Velverdyva. The river is the boundary between Veluna and Furyondy. It is open to large vessels to a point north of the Veluna City area, while barges can travel all the waters Thornward in Bissel (Fals River) or to Lake Quag (with some difficulty).

Veng River: This waterway is the outlet of Whyestil Lake and an inlet of Nyr Dyv. It is navigable along its entire length, being both deep and broad. The river forms the boundary between the Horned Society and the lands of Furyondy and is strongly patrolled by river craft, cavalry, and infantry.

Yol River:
The Yol is a tributary of the Artonsamay, which rises in the Troll Fens and divides the Phostwood from the Nutherwood, forming the border between Tenh and the Pale. It is plied by barges from Wintershiven and those journeying to that city.

Zumker River:
The Zumker is a tributary of the Artonsamay whose headwaters are reputed to be a large mountain lake in the Griffs. It forms a border between Tenh and the lands of the Bandit Kingdoms.

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