Monday, March 18, 2013

Vikings on the History Channel

Yeah, I haven’t posted anything in a while. What can I say, real life keeps intruding. But anyway enough about my whining. I watched Vikings last night on the History Channel and it was pretty damned cool. Just check out the opening credit sequence. I really like that song.

Vikings (History Channel) Episode 3 “Dispossessed”

History Channel’s new series Vikings episode 3 “Dispossessed” airs on Sunday March 17 at 10 p.m.
Episode Synopsis: Vikings (History Channel) Episode 3 “Dispossessed” – A monastery in Lindesfarne is about to get a firsthand look at how the Vikings operate. In and out in a flurry of violence and terror, Ragnar and his crew raid the monastery for everything it contains from treasure to monks who can be sold as slaves. Unable to ignore the riches this unsanctioned journey has returned, Earl Haraldson has no choice but to agree to let these warriors undertake a second trip out. The west has now been opened for the taking by Ragnar Lothbrok and the world of the Vikings will never be the same
Show Summary: The extraordinary tales of the lives and epic adventures of these warriors are told in VIKINGS, a new nine-part scripted series premiering Sunday, March 3 at 10 p.m. (ET) on HISTORY. The drama portrays the world of these Dark Age raiders, traders, explorers – not from an outsider’s view, but, through the eyes of Viking society.
While VIKINGS is filled with conflict, warfare and bloodshed – for these were extreme times – it is a family saga at heart. It follows the adventures of Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel, The Beast, Baytown Outlaws), a curious, compelling man who is always looking to break through barriers and discover new worlds to conquer. A young farmer and family man, Ragnar is deeply frustrated by the unadventurous policies of his local chieftain, Earl Haraldson (Gabriel Byrne, In Treatment, Usual Suspects, Millers Crossing), who continues to send his Vikings raiders east every summer, to the Baltic states and Russia, whose populations are as materially poor as themselves.
VIKINGS will chart Ragnar’s ambitions to discover civilizations across the great ocean to the west as well as his inevitable conflicts along the way. With the help of his jester friend Floki, (Gustaf Skarsgard, The Way Back), they build a new generation of boats – faster, sleeker and more beautifully crafted than anything else on the sea.
The series will also delve into how the Vikings – the last pagans – worshipped ancient gods like Odin, Thor, Freya and Loki. Ragnar claims to be a direct descendant of the Norse god Odin, who, as well as being the god of warriors slain in battle, is also the god of curiosity.
Joining Fimmel, Byrne and Skarsgard are Katheryn Winnick (Bones, Love and Other Drugs, The Black Marks) as Lagertha, a fierce shield maiden and Ragnar’s wife; Jessalyn Gilsig (Glee, Heroes, Nip/Tuck, Friday Night Lights) as Siggy, Earl Haraldson’s beautiful wife; George Blagden (Les Miserables, Wrath of the Titans) as Athelstan, a young, innocent Christian monk captured by Ragnar on his first raid on England and Clive Standen (Camelot, Robin Hood) as Rollo, Ragnar’s impulsive, wild, care-free brother.

Vikings (History Channel) Episode 3 Dispossessed (3)

Unfortunately, like most things romanticized in Hollywood a few of the actual underlying facts aren't really accurate. For a breakdown on the actual facts see this article. The History Channel version sure makes for great viewing though.


  1. Finally saw a couple of episodes. I was disappointed and have to agree with the American Spectator article.

    Earl? The Vikings were not the Anglo-Saxons of England. In truth, I was hoping for more of a "documentary" feel, which it isn't.

    Glad you're enjoying it, but I won't be watching any more of the program.

  2. Have to agree with you as far as the accuracy too much there. Coming from the History Channel I did expect a somewhat more accurate depiction translated onto the screen. But alas that is not to be, so I just turn off my scepticism and think of it as an alternative history that happened a long time ago in a divergent
    timeline / parallel dimension.