Thursday, July 16, 2015

World Map - Linux

Since I'm a Linux geek who loves maps this one struck my fancy. These are from the Dedoimedo site.

The Great Linux World Map

Here it is, the Great Linux World Map, the Atlas of the Theater of the World, Dedoimedo style. The smaller image below links to a full-sized 2752x1536px 1.19MB PNG map. The map is in 16:9 aspect ratio, so you can use it as a wallpaper, if you fancy so. Enjoy!

Linux World Map

For different formats,  here are a: PDF version (1.1MB) Grayscale version (892KB) Black & White version (124KB).

The Great Linux World Map Version 2.0

Below is the map, 2752x1548px in size, in 16:9 ratio, good for desktop wallpapers. You get the full colored version (2.27MB), linked in the illustration below, a clean black & white version (693KB) in case you want to use your own coloring scheme and make modifications, and I warmly welcome those, and a special black & white version (693KB) with some extra Latin text, see if you can spot it there. All PNG format. Click to enlarge.

Great Linux World 2.0

More info here.

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