Monday, February 27, 2012

Greyhawk in Dragon Magazine in 2012

This from Chris Perkins editorial blurb at Wizards;

"This year in the magazines, we’re taking a break from the Nentir Vale “points of light” setting to shine a light on the Forgotten Realms as well as some of our other popular worlds, past and present. You’ll see more Eberron articles, more Dark Sun articles, and even some content for Ravenloft, Planescape, and the World of Greyhawk. But the Realms, in particular, will receive a lot of love."

Now while I do have a lot of Forgotten Realms material my first love will always be Greyhawk. This dates back to the release of the Greyhawk Folio back in 1980. Greyhawk was the first published world I traveled into and explored with my friends. My longest campaign to date (8 years) has been set in Greyhawk. Lately I have been re-visiting the 'Gygaxian' Greyhawk where possible. By that I mean I have forgone the use of 2ed material in favor of customized "City of Greyhawk" maps. I'm not dumping all of the later material, but in my version of Greyhawk "The Greyhawk Wars" never happened. I'm currently gaming with a group and the campaign start date was 575 CY. We'll see where the campaign leads to from there. We've already made it to 576 while exploring the Temple of Elemental Evil.

But getting back to the Dragon articles, I'll be waiting to see what if any new material they will be putting out, or are they just going to update the old material they already have like they did with the 4ed Hommlet release.

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