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Religions of Greyhawk


The people of Oerth worship many gods, but patterns of allegiance change with the people and locations. This is a rather comprehensive listing, so don't be discouraged by the sheer number of names. See the DM for help choosing if not familiar with a pantheon or particular deity.

How Do Gods Look Upon Mortals?

The gods of Oerth rarely intercede directly in the affairs of Oerth. They expect their servants to be their right (and left) hands in the world. Clerics, priests, paladins, and less exalted but still valued souls are the agents of Gods, however minor their deeds may be. The gods have an implicit understanding that if one of them should act too directly, others will act in concert to oppose the meddler, for if all acted in such a manner, Oerth would be destroyed by them. This helps us understand why the demigod Iuz has been able to effect so much evil in the Flanaess. The Prime Material is his home plane, and therefore, he has a direct involvement in its affairs that other gods do not. The servants must oppose Iuz, not the gods themselves. One partial exception to this is St. Cuthbert of the Cudgel. Other gods allow St. Cuthbert to act in limited ways to oppose Iuz. Why they do this, and how far St. Cuthbert is allowed to act, is a matter known only to the gods. In other respects, the gods regard mortals as they do in almost all worlds. Mortals give reverence and their clerics and priests receive spells. The Gods watch with varying degrees of involvement. Greater gods tend to have less involvement than lesser gods, because greater gods are more absorbed in the affairs of many worlds and transcendent events that are far beyond the affairs of mortals.

How Do Mortals Regard the Gods?

The gods and powers of the Flanaess are an often-confusing mix of deities from a handful of cultures, representing natural powers and human attributes, virtues (and vices), and mental and emotional states. In such an environment, the powers and attributes of some gods overlap. Certain others, generally demi-gods or quasi-deities, are once-mortal heroes (or villains) who have attained godlike powers. Most humans and demihumans worship one or two primary gods, but their worship is by no means exclusionist. The people of the Flanaess are pragmatists, and they willingly embrace as many gods as necessary to make their lives run more smoothly. While a farmer may worship the old Flan goddess Beory as the Oerth Mother, he may also offer money or tribute to the Suel god Phyton to bring fertility to his fields. More than this, whenever the farmer strays into non-agricultural endeavours, he may very well offer tribute to the god or gods appropriate to whatever he is doing. For instance, if he travels to the City of Greyhawk to sell his products in the market there, he may at different times during his trip offer tribute to Fharlanghn (god of roads), St. Cuthbert (god of honesty), Velnius (god of weather) and Zilchus (god of money). A lot of this "worship" will look perfunctory, like tossing coins into a fountain for luck, but it will be no less genuine for that. The people of the Flanaess feel their gods are real and can take concrete action on the material plane. This feeling isn’t changed by the fact that the most powerful gods rarely involve themselves directly with happenings on Oerth, St. Cuthbert being an occasional exception to this.

Gods of Humankind

Deities are divided into four groups: greater, intermediate, lesser, and demipowers. The basis of this broad distinction is as follows: *Greater Gods:* These are distant gods, far removed from most mortal affairs. Some may be held to be among the Creator Gods of the multiverse or of Oerth. They typically have many spheres of concern, or are absolute masters of just one sphere. *Intermediate Gods:* While lacking the great creative force of greater gods, they are still very powerful and hold major sway over one or two spheres of concern. In some nations, they may be held as patron gods, even above a greater god. *Lesser Gods:* A lesser power may serve greater ones as a messenger or aide, may be a cast-out or solitary power, or may hold sway over a very narrow sphere of concern. Some lesser gods may be declining from exalted status or may be ascending to greater force. *Demi-Gods:* These are the least powerful and in many ways are similar to the Lesser Gods. Some may be mortals who have undergone divine ascension (Zagig and Mayaheine an being prime examples). Some may even be referred to as Hero Gods.

Greyhawk Deities – Summary Matrix

*Deity* *Align*
*Domains* *Weapon* *Origin* *Rank* *Race* *Holy Symbol*
Al’Akbar LG
Good, Healing, Law, Protection Falchion B demi H The Cup and Talisman
Allitur LN
Good, Knowledge, Law, Nobility Shortspear Fc lesser H Pair of Clasped Hands
Atroa NG
Air, Good, Plant, Sun, Renewal Sling Oc lesser H Heart with and Air-glyph Within
Azor’alq NG
Good, Sun, War Scimitar B hero-god H Armed man atop a summit
Beltar CE (CN)
Chaos, Earth, Evil, War, Cavern Spiked Gauntlet S lesser H Monstrous Fangs closing to bite
Beory N (NG)
Animal, Earth, Plant, Water, Storms Club/Druid Weapons FC greater H Green Disk marked with Circle
Berei NG
Good, Plant, Protection, Family, Harvest Sickle Fc lesser H Sheaf of Wheat Stalks
Bleredd N
Earth, Fire, Strength, Metal, Craft Warhammer C lesser H Iron Mule
Boccob N
Knowledge, Magic, Trickery, Spells, Rune Quarterstaff C greater H Eye within a Pentagram
Bralm N (LN)
Animal, Law, Strength, Planning Quarterstaff Sc lesser H Giant Wasp in front of a Swarm
*Deity* *Align*
*Domains* *Weapon* *Origin* *Rank* *Race* *Holy Symbol*
Celestian N (NG)
Knowledge, Travel, Protection, Portals Shortspear OC intermediate H Seven Stars (Gems)
Charmalaine N
Luck, Protection Light Mace HC hero-god Hh burning boot print
Cyndor LN
Law, Protection, Travel, Time Sling C lesser H Hourglass of black & white on it’s side
Daern LN
Earth, Law, Protection halfspear OC hero-god H Shield hanging from a parapet
Dalt CG
Chaos, Good, Protection, Travel, Trickery, Craft Dagger S lesser H Locked Door with Skeleton Key beneath
Delleb LG
Good, Knowledge, Law, Magic, Planning Dart O lesser H Large White Book
Daoud N
Magic, Travel Quarterstaff B hero-god H Multi-colored patch of cloth
Ehlonna NG
Animal, Good, Plant, Sun, Elf, Family Longbow/ Longsword C intermediate H, E, G, f Unicorn
Erythnul CE (CN)
Chaos, Evil, Trickery, War, Fear, Battle, Hatred Heavy Mace OC intermediate H Blood Red Drop or Hideous Mask
Fharlanghn N (NG)
Luck, Protection, Travel, Cavern Quarterstaff OC intermediate H Wooden disk carved with curved Horizon
*Deity* *Align*
*Domains* *Weapon* *Origin* *Rank* *Race* *Holy Symbol*
Fortubo LG (LN)
Earth, Good, Law, Protection, Metal Warhammer S lesser D, H Glowing-headed Hammer
Gadhelyn CN
Chaos, Plant, Animal Longbow E hero-god E Leaf-shaped arrow head
Gendwar Argrim LN
Law, War Dwarven Waraxe D hero-god D War-axe bearing ruin of Destruction
Geshtai N
Plant, Travel, Water, Ocean Shortspear Bc lesser H Waterspout
Heironeous LG
Good, Law, War, Battle, Justice, Courage Longsword/ Battleaxe OC intermediate H Silver Lightning Bolt
Hextor LE
Destruction, Evil, Law, War, Battle, Tyranny Flail OC intermediate H 6 Red Arrows facing down in a fan
Incabulos NE
Death, Evil, Destruction, Suffering, Disease Quarterstaff C greater H Magic Icon for the Eye of Possession
Istus N
Chaos, Knowledge, Law, Luck, Fate Web of Istus (net) BC greater H Gold Spindle
Iuz CE
Chaos, Evil, Trickery, Torment, Deceit Greatsword UC demi H Grinning Skull
Jascar LG
Earth, Good, Law, Protection, Metal Warhammer S lesser H Snow-capped Mountain Peak
*Deity* *Align*
*Domains* *Weapon* *Origin* *Rank* *Race* *Holy Symbol*
Johydee NG
Good, Protection, Trickery Short sword OC hero-god H small, stylized mask of onyx
Joramy N (NG)
Destruction, Fire, War, Battle Quarterstaff C lesser H Volcano
Kelanen N
Travel, War, Battle Any martial sword UC hero-god H Nine swords in a star shape, points out
Keoghtum NG
Good, Knowledge, Travel shortsword and shortbow UC hero-god H Round disk bisected by an up-pointing arrow
Kord CG
Chaos, Good, Luck, Strength, Courage Greatsword/
S intermediate H Star composed of spears and maces
Kurell CN
Chaos, Luck, Trickery, Darkness, Retribution Shortsword O lesser H Grasping Hand holding a Broken Coin
Kuroth CN
Chaos, Luck, Trickery Dagger, rapier OC hero-god H Gold coin with symbol of a key set into it
Kyuss NE
Undeath, Evil club U hero-god H Skull with worms in its eyes and jaw
Lendor LN
Knowledge, Law, Protection, Time Greatsword S intermediate H Crescent Moon in front of New Moon with Stars
Lirr CG
Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Magic, Travel, Song Shortspear/
C lesser H Illustrated Book
*Deity* *Align*
*Domains* *Weapon* *Origin* *Rank* *Race* *Holy Symbol*
Llerg CN
Animal, Chaos, Strength, Courage Battleaxe/ Longsword S lesser H Great Bear, Snake, Alligator
Lydia NG
Good, Knowledge, Sun, Travel, Song Shortspear
(shaft of light)
S lesser H Spray of Colors from an Open Hand
Mayaheine LG
Good, Law, Protection, War, Justice Bastardsword
UC demi H Shield, Bastard Sword, Sunburst
Merikka LG
Good, Law, Plant, Protection, Family, Harvest Sickle O demi H Basket of Grain, long Scroll
Mouqol N
Knowledge, Travel, Trickery, Trade Dagger/ Light Crossbow B lesser H  
Murlynd LG
Good, Knowledge, War Longsword, light crossbow OC hero-god H 6-point star with round points.
Myhriss NG
Good, Healing, Protection, Charm, Beauty Shortbow/ Whip C lesser H  
Nazarn N
Luck, War, Battle shortsword Half orc hero-god half-orc H Chain wrapped shortsword
Nerull NE
Death, Evil, Trickery, Undead, Darkness Scythe/
FC greater H Skull, Scythe
Norebo CN
Chaos, Trickery, Luck Dagger S lesser H Pair of Eight-sided Dice
*Deity* *Align*
*Domains* *Weapon* *Origin* *Rank* *Race* *Holy Symbol*
Obad-Hai N
Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Plant, Water Quarterstaff/
Druid Weapons
FC intermediate H,G,h,f Oak Leaf and Acorn
Olidammara CN
Chaos, Luck, Trickery, Song Rapier/
Rogue Weapons
C intermediate H Laughing Mask
Osprem LN
Law, Protection, Travel, Water, Ocean Trident/
Sailor Weapons
S lesser H Dolphin, Sperm Whale, or Barracuda
Phaulkon CG
Air Animal, Chaos, Good, War, Weather Longbow/ Dagger S lesser H, E Winged Human Silhouette
Pelor NG
Good, Healing, Protection, Sun, Strength Heavy Mace FC greater H Stylized Sun-Face
Pholtus LG (LN)
Good, Knowledge, Law, Sun, Nobility, Moon Quarterstaff OC intermediate H Full Moon (Luna) eclipsed by Crescent (Celene)
Phyton CG
Chaos, Good, Plant, Harvest, Sun, Beauty Scimitar S lesser H Scimitar in front of an Oak Tree
Procan CN
Animal, Chaos, Travel, Water, Oceans, Weather Trident OC intermediate H Trident over Cresting Wave
Pyremius NE
Destruction, Evil, Fire, Death, Deceit Longsword/
S lesser H, OG Demonic Face with ears like Bat Wings
Ralishaz CN(CE)
Chaos, Destruction, Luck, Insanity Quarterstaff/
Wooden Weapons
C intermediate H Three Sticks of Bone
*Deity* *Align*
*Domains* *Weapon* *Origin* *Rank* *Race* *Holy Symbol*
Rao LG
Law, Good, Knowledge, Nobility, Compassion Light Mace FC greater H White Heart of Wood or Metal
Raxivort CE
Animal, Chaos, Evil, Trickery, Moon Falchion/Dagger X lesser OG Blue Flaming Hand
Roykyn NE
Evil, Trickery, suffering spiked gauntlet G hero-god G furled scroll dripping dark fluid
Rudd CN (CG)
Chaos, Good, Luck Rapier/Shortbow OC demi H Bull’s Eye Target
Sehanine Moonbow CG (NG)
Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Travel, Moon, Illusion, Afterlife Quarterstaff E intermediate E Full Moon topped by Crescent of Haze
Sotillion CG (CN)
Air, Chaos, Good, Healing, Plant Net Oc lesser H Pure Orange Tiger
St. Cuthbert LN (LG)
Destruction, Good, Law, Protection, Strength, Justice Club/
Bludgeoning Weapons
C intermediate H Starburst of Rubies, Wooden Billet, Crumpled Hat
Stern Alia LN(LE)
Knowledge, Law, Protection, Family
O demi H
Syrul NE
Evil, Knowledge, Trickery, Deceit Dagger S lesser H A forked tongue
Telchur CN
Air, Chaos, Strength, Cold, Winter Shortspear/
Oc lesser H Leafless Tree in a Field of Snow
*Deity* *Align*
*Domains* *Weapon* *Origin* *Rank* *Race* *Holy Symbol*
Tharizdun NE
Destruction, Evil, Knowledge, Insanity, Darkness, Madness, Force Spiral of Decay
U intermediate H Dark Spiral, Inverted Pyramid
Trithereon CG
Chaos, Good, Protection, Strength, Retribution Shortspear/
C intermediate H Rune of Pursuit
Tsolorandril LN
Knowledge, Law spiked chain U hero-god H sphere with wave-shape pattern
Ulaa LG
Earth, Good, Law Warhammer UC intermediate G,D,H Mountain with a Ruby Heart
Vathris LN
Law, Retribution Longspear F hero-god H a black spear
Vatun CN
Air, Animal, Chaos, Strength, Cold Battleaxe S lesser H Sun Setting on a Snowy Landscape
Vecna NE
Evil, Knowledge, Magic, Illusion, Destruction Dagger/
UF lesser H Left Hand clutching a Human Eye
Velnius N (NG)
Air, Travel, Water, Storms, Weather Shortspear O lesser H Bird perched on a Cloud
Wastri LN (LE)
Animal, Law, War, Scalykind, Deceit Glaive-guisarme U demi H Gray Toad
Wee Jas LN (LE)
Death, Law, Magic, Spell, Afterlife Dagger
/Wizard Weapons
S intermediate H Red Skull in front of a Fireball
Wenta CG
Air, Chaos, Good, Plant, Harvest Club Oc lesser H Large Mug of Beer
Xan Yae N
Knowledge, Trickery, War, Night, Darkness Falchion/
Monk Weapons
BC lesser H  
Xerbo N
Animal, Knowledge, Water, Ocean, Trade Trident/
Sailor Weapons
Sc lesser H Dragon Turtle
Ye’Cind CG
Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Magic, Song Longsword E demi E,H Recorder
Zagyg CN (CG)
Chaos, Knowledge, Magic, Rune, Insanity Club UC demi H Rune of Insanity
Zilchus LN
Knowledge, Law Trickery, Trade Dagger OC intermediate H Hands Clutching a Bag of Gold
Zodal NG
Good, Healing, Protection, Compassion Hand of Zodal
FC lesser H Hand partially wrapped in Grey Cloth
Zouken N
Knowledge, Strength, War, Courage Unarmed/
Monk Weapons
B demi H Striking Fist
Align is the principal alignment of the deity and priests
Origin is the pantheon from which the deity arose.
B = Baklunish
F = Flan
O = Oeridian
S = Suel
E = Elf
C = Commonly accepted across the Flanaess
U = Unknown, mysterious origin
Domains are the domains available to priests of the deity.
Races are the races that commonly worship the deity.
H = Human
D = Dwarf
E = Elf
G = Gnome
h = Halfling
f = Fey
OG = Orcs & Goblinoids 

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