Saturday, February 2, 2013

Retro Gaming Conversions

Although this isn't exactly my style since I tend to stick to the old school stuff pretty strictly. Mostly AD&D 1ed with just a smidge of 2ed material. For those folks interested there's a thread on theRPGSite where people are converting classes, races, and monsters from (mainly) WOTC D&D to old school (TSR) editions of D&D; Oldschool Conversions of Post-Oldschool Material. There is some interesting(if untested) stuff in this thread.

Exerpts from the first couple of pages of messages:
Fighter Subclass - The Warlord, Harrier
Races - Warforged, Tiefling, Dragonborn
Monsters - Ape, Giant, Carnivorous; Serpent Anathema; Bladewing;  Bladerager Troll; Sithilar.

There are a few additional pages of posted material -- and growing. Some interesting ideas here for those so inclined.

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