Friday, February 15, 2013

Weapons vs. Armor - Alternate tables

For the folks out there like me who use the weapons vs. armour tables in AD&D here is the OSRIC alternative located at Dragonsfoot.

Weapons vs. Armor (rationalised)
AuthorDavid Williams
DescriptionA set of alternative, rationalised, weapons vs. armour tables.
Last DownloadedSaturday, 16 February 2013
Type of filePDF File
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In the words of David Williams;
Really, there is no fundamental difference between the OSRIC version and the AD&D version. I just reduced the weapons on the table to display only those with stats in OSRIC, which has fewer weapons than AD&D, primarily a reduction in polearms. When calculating the table, I made the following assumptions:
(1) The AC TYPE column on the original AD&D table referred to armor ONLY, not lesser armor + shield.
(2) The difference between AC 10 and AC 9 is the effect of a shield, and that effect should be transferable to heavier armor types.
(3) Since AC Type 2 could ONLY be plate + shield already, I kept that value rather than interpreting it with assumption 2 above.

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