Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Current status of the Campaign

Haven't really been posting much on the blog-o-sphere lately, so I though I would take this opportunity to remedy that. Still keeping up with the FtF Greyhawk campaign. The group has just finished The Temple of Elemental Evil. Finally, after 2 years in game and in RL time-wise. It took that long because of the fact that, of the original group of PCs that started out, not a one survived to the end. This was partially due to the lethality of the Temple itself and also due to the fact that the parties philosophy was to attack everything head on. They eventually learned and even went back to the old school method of playing more than one character at a time as well as loading the party up with NPCs. On top of which after some of the more lethal encounters the group would head off on several side quests to bolster the parties strength, magic-wise and to gain XP for gaining more levels. This helped somewhat, but since the Temple was recruiting during this time they usually wound up having to fight even greater odds when they actually got back to the main adventure. So, a mixed bag overall, but this just helped with gaining even more XP, which they needed. This has, however, led to them gaining some stooopid amounts of treasure and XP, which has caused the planned route of taking them through S4 - Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth and WG4 - The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun to be put to the wayside for the moment. Their current level [characters & magic] have made using them as is a moot point. Therefore, I jumped them straight to  G1-3 Against the Giants and so far they're not really having much trouble with the Hill Giants. It looks like I'll be tweaking the modules a bit. The group fits the suggested level profile for the Giant series, it's just that I run a high fantasy campaign, which translates into a high level of magic items with which to go out adventuring. Not to mention that the group contains 2 rangers, so that right there gives them a huge advantage to start with. Anyway, for anyone interested in the actual campaign, see the Youtube link for the campaign as it stands now. As a matter of fact, the video just goes to show how long this campaign has been going on, since the store listed at the end of the vid is no longer in business.

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