Saturday, June 28, 2014

Play report

This is just a little excerpt from the current 'Greyhawk Back to the Beginning' campaign that will soon be approaching the 5 year playing mark.

Campaign log June 27, 2014

Brian's version;
I should a known it would be a weird night when I arrived, because Gabe and Monkey were already there! We took care of a lot of stuff and met with the assassins guild, just three of us. [against the advice of another player who couldn't make the session]. He [assassin's guild representative] very politely requested 50k to "protect us" which I turned down and we went our separate ways. Someone had a brilliant idea to give them the gold throne [from the ToEE] since it is hardly worth it to melt down for bullion (3k). However I soured on that idea when they poisoned our food (just the three of us). So - issue still open.
Then we failed our intelligence checks. I say this because in my mind we decided to go after a 10th level Mage (Necromancer is the level title). Clearly delusional from the poison - we took 5 pcs and the Npc cleric (illusionist was busy with spell research).
I knew Al would make it interesting but figured we had enough firepower.
So on to the crypt. We wiped out a host of ghouls and an interesting Stone golem of Tharizdun without too much trouble. We then bypassed a room full of bones by using rock to mud and got a lucky roll as the half elf found a secret passage that bypassed more rot rippers. Although I was loathe to jump in a teleportation circle, we did it and found two lovely dracoliches. Due to some lucky initiative rolls, we were able to take out the undead dragons and we were still in decent shape. That's when Al gleefully broke out 18 six sided dice. The thief went down to a delayed blast fireball, but the rest of the party was still up. That's when the Lich became visible. Alright, no panic yet.
Being trained in the arcane arts, the druid suddenly realized there was a shimmering globe around the Lich and correctly guessed that it was a prismatic sphere. This is when the soiling of the pants commenced. I called for a wall of force, Etheridge picked up the singed halfling thief, and we ran for our lives through the teleportation circle while the Lich disintegrated the force shield and started to cast again.
It was then that Al reminded us he clearly told us that this Necromancer was known as the Undying. Duh......
So, we returned home, quickly counted our treasure (that would be Zero) and lived to fight another day.

Gabe's recollection;
He was a Lich [lol]. Other than that we made quick work of two dracolichs and the rest of the crypt was honestly kind of a quick run, we used a few things to navigate around some of the nastier traps and the most challenging thing we found was a named golem (can't recall it's name right now) that had the potential to a) cause us all to see the room in reversed role (friends as foe and foe as friend) or b) just confuse us. It also had a persistent effect that at the top of the round it would have a random effect (we only saw the two aforementioned things), and it's attacks seemed like they could have been strong but it missed on the one physical attack it tried against a -2 AC. It had the properties of a stone golem, we didn't realize that stone to mud would have effected it until after the fight.
We used wizard eye to scout and saw a bunch of rot rippers, this also happened to be in a room full of bones. Like knee high 80' x 80' room full of bones, so we decided to stone to mud that room. We figured it was one of Lareth's infamous bone sentinels. 

Then it was an uneventful walk to the Lichs area. The only thing we got stuck on was a pentagram on the floor with magical energies emanating forth; we didn't know exactly what would happen so we did our usual 'three wishes or die' mentality and hopped in after some experimenting. That was what lead us to the Lichs quarters. There was a room with a huge blood pool, nothing eventful there then there was a stairway that lead to the source of the blood pool, and in that room was two dracolichs playing cards with Tiamat... We made decent quick work of them; Kromvist [the halfling thief] fell however. Then the Lich appeared, toting a prismatic sphere and opening up with a delayed blast fireball...That kind of set us back so we had to run.

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