Saturday, June 21, 2014

Map of the Flanaess

This is mostly as a reference for the players to get a better idea of the geography of the world they're adventuring in.

Flanaess (click for larger size)

Map of Oerth (click for larger size)

Notes for the world map:

  • The location of New Empyrea is a "best guess." New Empyrea is from Frank Mentzer's Aquaria campaign (originally published in modules R1 through R4, and later repackaged as I12 Egg of the Phoenix), and was originally set "5000 miles to the east of the Flanaess" according to the module R4 Doc's Island. However, the Solnor Ocean is only 3000 miles wide, and the only land in that direction is the other side of the Oerik continent. Aquaria was supposed to be on its own continent. Plus, the geography of the map in R4 does not match up with anything in Western Oerik. Additionally, R4 describes a frontier with a minimal human presence, which does not really match the vast empires of Western Oerik. Fireland is the closes approximate landmass in the area and the closest to the same climate.
  • The Draconic Empire of Lynn, Ishtar, Tharque Empire, Red Kingdom, Tribes of Enllaves, Barbarian Seameast are all from Francois Marcela-Froideval's Black Moon ChroniclesWiki comic books. Froideval's campaign was given an official home in Western Oerik by Gary Gygax. The locations ended up being official in a map of Oerth printed in Dragon Annual #1 in 1996.
  • Khemit is also from the Black Moon Chronicles, but Froideval called it "Erypt" in his works (and it is called that on the Dragon Annual map). It is the home of the character Methraton and based on ancient Egypt.
  • Thalos, Mordengard, the Free States, Ravilla, Drazen's Horde, Ahmut's Legion, and Naresh come from the short-lived Chainmail reboot from 2001 by Chris Pramas.
  • The Baklien Khanates derive their name from the Chainmail reboot as well--they are described as mongol-like horsemen from the east in Dragon #286
  • "The Celestial Imperium" on the Dragon Annual map was named Shaofeng in Expedition to Castle Greyhawk and was called "Suhfang" in Gary Gygax's Gord the Rogue novels. It is Greyhawk's version of China.
  • "Nippon" is from the Dragon Annual map. It's named Ryuujinin in Dragon #277. It is Greyhawk's version of Japan.
  • Mur, Komal, and Risay are briefly described in Dungeon #136 and the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer
  • "Hyperborea" in the Dragon Annual map is called "Hyborea" in the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer. It is renamed Telchuria in Dungeon #136.
  • "Zindia" on the Dragon Annual map is called "Jahind" in Gygax's Gord the Rogue novels. It is Greyhawk's version of India.
  • "Darak Urtag" is a fan-name for the region called "Orcreich" on the Dragon Annual map.

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