Thursday, January 24, 2013

B1 In Search of the Unknown Retrospective

B1 certainly brings on the nostalgia, for me anyway. This was the module that came with my D&D Basic Boxed set. Unfortunately that was lost about three moving trucks ago. That's too bad because this was my first attempt at DMing, and I remember being totally unprepared and pretty nervous. The group at the time contained several players more experienced with the game than I was [read they had read at least half of the rule book before playing] that just didn't want to DM. Thus began my first foray into the ranks of a DM. I don't recall the game all that well, except for the fact that we all had a pretty good time. The rest as they say is history.

For the folks that are just now reading B1 for the first time thanks to the free pdf from Wizards, take a look at the B1 page on the Zenopus Archives website for trivia and links to resources for use with it, such as the simplified map of the upper level made by Dragonsfoot members (for use if mapping drives you and your players crazy) and the excellent, not-to-be-missed B1 sourcebook assembled by paleologos.

Simplified map of the upper level of B1,
cartography by Mike (original drawing)
and Arzon (blue map) of Dragonsfoot.
The full-sized map can be found linked in this post.


  1. Thanks for the mention. Following your blog now.

    1. No problem about the mention. I didn't clear it with you first because I assumed you wouldn't mind. Hope that's OK. Thanks for following.