Thursday, January 17, 2013

Official D&D PDFs (again)?

If you've been paying attention to G+, you might have noticed a series of incautious or well-placed (depending on how you look at it) leaks. It has come to light that WotC is very close to releasing PDFs of their back catalogue, starting with modules B1-B4. While a post earlier today (where it was demonstrated that WotC had a publisher's page on RPGNow/DriveThru but no products) seemed to confirm this, +Jeremy Deram confirmed this (after a fashion) by exposing the existence of (which was quickly taken down after Jeremy pointed it out).

Screenshot. The URL is no longer showing anything.  At the moment this just brings up a blank page.

For some people this might be good news since they probably don't have the full library of modules nor the inclination to chase them down on e-bay or Amazon.

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