Saturday, July 23, 2016

B2 - Keep on the Borderlands - #11 Loan Bank

My continuation of the mapping of the buildings inside the Keep. This is the Loan Bank (#11) located across the street from the Trader and alongside the Outer Bailey wall.

This low building houses all of the banking needs for the average dungeon adventurer. Here anyone can change money or gems for a small fee. The banker will also keep a person’s wealth stored safely at no charge if it is left for at least one month, otherwise there is a nominal fee. Unsecured loans can be obtained for up to 5 gold pieces; over 5 gold pieces requires some item of security deposit be left for the loan. A sign on the shop states clearly that this place is under direct protection of the KEEP.
Rates/fees are as shown on the floorplan. The strong room of the place is in the cellar. It is protected by a locked iron door which leads to a small vault with 12 compartments each protected by locks and other means. The cellar, which houses the bedroom/living quarters as well as the vault, is not detailed here, in the player's version of the map. At some later point I will re-visit this post and put up the full floorplan.

Over the next several days I will be posting additional floorplans for most of the other buildings in the Keep. These maps are more of the old school blue I'm fond of, based on some hand drawn maps I found some time ago over on Dragonsfoot by paleologos.

edit: DM's map

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