Sunday, July 24, 2016

B2 - Keep on the Borderlands - #14 Travellers Inn

My continuation of the mapping of the buildings inside the Keep. This is the Travellers Inn (#14) located across from the Fountain Square and alongside the Tavern.

This long, low structure has five small private rooms and a large common sleeping room for a full dozen. (Servants and the like always sleep in the stables, #4., of course.) Private rooms cost 1 g.p. per night, but sleeping in the common room is only 1 silver piece per night. The innkeeper and his family live in a small loft above the inn. This building is some 18’ high.

The 2nd story/loft, which houses the bedroom/living quarters for the Innkeeper, his family and staff is not detailed here, in the player's version of the map. At some later point I will re-visit this post and put up the full floorplan.

We're down to the home stretch with only a couple more buildings to go. These maps are more of the old school blue I'm fond of, based on some hand drawn maps I found some time ago over on Dragonsfoot by paleologos.

Edit: DM's map

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