Thursday, July 28, 2016

B2 The Keep on the Borderlands Map Index

A couple of days ago as I was busily posting the various maps for the buildings inside The Keep on the BorderlandsZach H. over on Zenopus Archives suggested I put up an index post so that it would be easier for folks to dig through this info. Now, while I try to be diligent about labeling all my posts, I can see the merits of putting a dedicated post where folks can go and jump directly to what they're looking for without having to wade through all the rest of the muck and mire.

So here it is folks, the index to my B2 posts up 'till now and (hopefully) any future missives that might come out will get indexed here as well.



  1. These have inspired me to follow up on your effort with one other missing interior map, the Keep Fortress. I can't imagine what everyone else did whenever the party was summoned to speak with the Castellan. I based my map on the description given on page 11. I did the main level, Upper level, and lower level. If you'd like to use them, clean up and include with your set, all the better.

  2. Sure, always interested in what's been done by someone on this topic. Interesting to see it from a different perspective.

    As for the Fortress I used this;

  3. Cool, but I don't mean the entire Keep, I mean giving the insides of the Fortress (area 24) the same love as these outer bailey floorplans of yours. What's added to that one is a bit of an afterthought, with 10' wide corridors, 10' wide prison cells, and 6 ballroom sized chambers each twice the size of the buildings in the outer bailey. Mine is devised based on actual castle construction and function. How should I send it?

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