Monday, July 25, 2016

B2 - Keep on the Borderlands - #15 Tavern

My continuation of the mapping of the buildings inside the Keep. This is the Tavern (#15) located across from the Fountain Square and alongside the Travellers Inn.

This place is the favorite of visitors and inhabitants of the KEEP alike. The food is excellent, the drinks generous and good. The place is always active, with patrons at any time of day or night. The barkeep, if talking with a good customer and drinking to his health, will sometimes talk about the lands around the keep.

The cellar is where drink and food are stored and prepared, and where the servants sleep. The family sleeps in the small loft. 

The cellar and loft, which houses the bedroom/living quarters for the Innkeeper, his family and staff is not detailed here, in the player's version of the map. At some later point I will re-visit this post and put up the full floorplan.

We're down to the home stretch with only one more building, the Chapel, left to go. These maps are more of the old school blue I'm fond of, based on some hand drawn maps I found some time ago over on Dragonsfoot by paleologos.

edit: DM's map

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