Tuesday, July 26, 2016

B2 - Keep on the Borderlands - #17 Chapel

My continuation of the mapping of the buildings inside the Keep. This is the final map in this series the Chapel (#17) alongside the Inner Bailey wall behind the warehouse and opposite the Guild House (#16).

The spiritual center of the Keep is located in a building that has a peaked roof two stories tall; the interior is one large room. The altar is located at the eastern end, with a colored glass window above it; the window is 20’ tall and 8’ wide. An offering box is fastened securely atop a heavy pedestal in the southeast corner.

With this last building my series on the buildings inside the Keep comes to a close. I will put up a index post with all of the relevant posts linked so that it is easier for folks to locate these maps and info. For now just select B2 in the labels at the bottom of the post to get the relevant articles listed.
These maps are all of the old school blue I'm fond of, based on some hand drawn maps I found some time ago over on Dragonsfoot by paleologos.

edit: DM map

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