Saturday, July 30, 2011

Adventure Log 2 - Into the Moathouse

June 15, 2011 15:22
The party; looking for adventure, fame, and fortune, asked around at the local tavern “The Inn of the Welcome Wench” of any cats in trees, lost puppies, or strange goings on in the surrounding area. The proprietor, Ostler Gundigoot recommended that they go towards the moat house, near the ex Temple of Elemental Evil. And being just and righteous adventurers, they set out.
With fire in their eyes, courage in their hearts, and cheese in their packs (have you ever fought a giant rat without cheese?!) they came to a tower. Upon further inspection they meet with the owners of said tower, Burne and Rufus. They tell our brave adventurers: “Only three? You’ll never make it out alive, go talk to Elmo, he can help”. Being wise adventurers, they continued on; for they knew splitting fame and fortune three ways is better than splitting it four ways.
Upon arrival at the swampy marsh surrounding the moat house our hapless adventurers are alerted by Arthur that they are not alone. Shortly after they attacked by not one but three giant frogs. After a vicious battle they survive and live to cross a moldy rotted bridge. When they enter the ruins of what once was a grand temple of evil they see: Nothing. Everything seems to have been destroyed and picked clean. Does that stop them? Never! So they look through the some rooms. A darkened tower taught Mathias, the rogue, to be on the look out for spiders lurking above! After about 3 minutes of not attacking to avoid killing their companion our party finally slayed the spider. After gathering their courage and cleaning their trousers, they venture forth only to encounter a snake. The snake; who attacked poor Mathias, tested his mettle and failed miserably at poisoning the rogue.
Out of heals and low on vitality our motley crew heads back to The Inn of the Welcome Wench; “Maybe next time,” they agreed “we will go back to the tower more well prepared and with larger numbers”. For isn’t it better to survive and enjoy your fame and fortune, rather than to amass and die on the journey home? Until next time.

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