Saturday, July 30, 2011

Adventure Log 8 - And evil shall fall!

June 24, 2011 10:02
Greetings and well met. When last we left our adventurous they had been ambushed and left in a rather sore state. From the ashes of pain and suffering though a few of our friends managed to gain experience enough to advance through the ranks. Both McDirk and Mathias have both achieved this goal, becoming and Adept and a Footpad respectively. McDirk; having spent some time working with the Temple of Saint Cuthbert, is even able to train with Tergon for a quest to be named at a later date. The party bands together and gathers resources so we can pay for Mathias to train with one of the local merchants. After a week of training the party gets ready to head off, only after McDirk receives a special order from the merchant: a Longbow for his companion Arthur.
Heading back to the familiar moat house proves to be eventful. This time when the group returns to the usual door the ones behind it ask for a sign, which the group does not produce. To no surprise the door swings open and an attack force comes out to greet our heroes. Though there was an ogre in their numbers and a few orcish looking foes, our brave heroes have experience and Elmo on their side. And they make quick work of these enemies. After delving further into this secret chamber they find yet another door. Behind it are two merchants and a gnome; assumed to be from the same caravan, who have been badly beaten into critical shape, and have also been robbed by the assailants. McDirk utters a quick prayer and manages to conjure up some healing for the victims and the party helps them back to safety, the merchants offer their thanks and some money. The party instead asks them to make a donation to the church of Pelor in Greyhawk.
Since the day was still young and our group was still pretty strong they decided to head back into the moat house, where they happen upon the cults storage room. They ransack and destroy all the contents to slow this cult's progress. Then they happen upon another storeroom. This time they have Zert stay outside with the farmer, in case the enemy try to retaliate. As our heroes return to their cart they discover there is no more cart, and their farmer who was guarding the cart has been murdered. Zert is nowhere to be found. Rushing back home on foot they discover that their room too has been robbed, and Zert has made himself scarce.
So ends another tale of survival and struggle. What will happen next? Will our motley crew cry and quit? Or will they rally and strike back? What of Zert, and will our heroes retaliate? All this and more so join us again for yet another tale of triumph over evil; so we hope, that will be full of adventure, danger and action. Until next time reader fare thee well.

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