Saturday, July 30, 2011

Adventure Log 4 - Surprise, Surprise

June 20, 2011 09:52
After confronting Kobort and Turuko about suspicious behavior and shadowing, our adventurers move out. After a rather uneventful travel through snowy weather they arrive back at the Moat House. So being there our group does what they do best, delve. Slowly and cautiously our group finds a door that is, oddly enough, closed. Listening at the door Mathias decides that the group should infiltrate and begin to explore. Thus, upon opening the door our group is greeted by a large group of Brigands.
The battle started out fierce, attacks landing on both sides, none suffering losses. With McDirk manning the heals and Arthur in the fore the battle seemed well, despite being outnumbered. Then Mathias took a heavy blow, being almost knocked down and out our group employs Spugnoir to magically sleep the enemies to thin the numbers. There was however one flaw to the plan, most of the enemies fell asleep along with Arthur who could not resist the lull of magical slumber. One swift kick later Arthur awoke to Mathias saying, “Come on we have to withdraw get up and let’s move out cautiously!” All companions; save for the rogue and runner, managed to swiftly exit the room. The other two however had to slowly and tediously exit hoping that their foes would not immediately greet them in battle once again.
After a few more minutes of chase the two groups of two (Mathias and Arthur and what seemed to be a leader and lieutenant of the brigands) began to trade blows. Things were looking grim, when from behind our heroes heard a triumphant cry and a whistling of an axe. Have we been ambushed? What is the meaning of this, were both thought until they saw the powerful axe of Elmo saving the day. After making quick work of the two commanding officers, Elmo; in a frenzy to help his companions, slew even the sleeping foes; for in battle he showed no mercy nor quarter. Exploring the once inhabited room turned out to be worth while for the party gained a small amount of wealth for their trouble. It was time to head back to the Inn to rest up.
The party, having suffered some injuries, loaded up their cart and began the journey home. About 10-15 minutes into the journey McDirk is struck in the back with the quarrel of a crossbow. Both Elmo and Arthur immediately turn the parties attention directly behind them to a snow bank. At this time Kobort and Turuko leap from the snow ready to attack yet again. Kobort immediately rushes towards our group looking to slay someone outright. After managing to defeat Spugnoir and Zert he foolishly looked to take Elmo. Elmo, however, had other plans. Greeting the brute with a whistling axe Kobort was felled. Now turning their attention to Turuko the battle ensued. Turuko proving to be quite formidable felled both Arthur and Mathias. The party looking ragged and barley standing while McDirk tended to the wounded and Elmo gallantly fought and defeated the evil monk Turuko.
After the battle and everyone regaining their bearings the group retreated home to the Inn of the Welcome Wench. But not before, in an act of superior honor and kindness, burying their fallen enemies; for they had tried to take their lives and failed, but they should still have at least a proper burial, lest they return to the world as a damned undead soul. This ends our log for this days journey. Come again and listen.

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