Saturday, July 30, 2011

Adventure Log 7 - Ambush!

June 23, 2011 10:17
After waiting for close to a month for the cold and unforgiving weather to let up our party sets out again. They decided they should go to check that same door again, this time they would wise up and have their fellow Elmo join them. Elmo gladly agrees, being a hero, and adventures to the secret path with them. This time they knock correctly and are greeted with a call sign after the knock. Unfortunately our adventurers do not know the countersign. Out from the door bursts a squad of evil cultists wearing robes adorned with a Flaming Eye.
The battle was fairly quick sustaining only minor injuries thanks to the skillful use of the axe wielded by Elmo. Still running a little lower on strength than would be desired, our party leaves for town to rethink their plan of attack. Alas, the foul Cult did not see the parties survival in today’s agenda. Neither Arthur nor Elmo saw the evil cultist before they fired an arrow into the back of McDirk. They have been ambushed!! A large group of foe’s surrounded our party. They first tried to figure out who this might be. Burne’s Badgers? Possibly they thought the group to be a group of bandits. Elmo, Zert and Arthur rushed to the fore to speak to these foes. They were greeted with an attack. Elmo knocked his target out cold still not knowing if they were friend or foe. Zert on the other hand struck his attacker down. A long and grueling battle ensued.
One of the first things that turned this battle awry was a rogue mage in the enemies numbers casting sleep, it managed to knock out Arthur and Spugnoir. Zert continued to fight on as Mathias awoke Arthur and Spugnoir. The first of the trials of this battle had been overcome. Taking much damage all around McDirk manages to keep everyone alive. The battle began looking more grim when Zert was rendered unconscious, and then had his throat slit. McDirk rushed over and fought off the fiend who had killed his comrade, and with the grace of Pelor managed to heal Zert’s wound and keep him amongst the living.
It was down to three warriors, Arthur, Elmo, and the leader of this group of assailants. Attacks went back and forth Arthur scoring glancing blows against the leader, Elmo rattling his target with heavy attacks; until on his last breath the leader struck Elmo down. Fury welled up inside of Arthur who in turn struck down the enemy leader. “Quick to town! We must heal our fallen!”, shouted Arthur. Before leaving they found a crumpled note in the enemy leaders armour that said “Master”. Could this be the counter sign they so desperately needed? Loading the cart the team raced home, McDirk binding Elmo so he would survive with but a heal, and tending to the fallen Zert.
Upon arriving back at town our adventurers rushed to the Temple of St. Cuthbert of the Cudgel, and paid to have Zert healed. The rest of our party was able to rest and reevaluate the situation. Could they be that close to cleansing the Moathouse of evil? Thus the end of a harrowing day has come. Do return for more, as there is still much left untold. Until next time: Fare thee well.

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