Saturday, July 30, 2011

Adventure Log 9 - Chaos at the Inn...

June 24, 2011 10:41
When we last left our heroes they had been robbed by Zert, the very fighter that McDirk brought back from the clutches of death. Our party decides we don’t know who is trustworthy. They wait until nightfall when the Inn of the Welcome Wench is crowded and and busy, McDirk takes a table in the corner with his companions, and casts a Detect Evil spell. There are a few that detect as evil, the two traders are both evil, one of them has a dagger that is emanating pure evil. There is also a caravan guard that is evil. Among those who are not seen as evil within the spells radius are Burne and Rufus who are not evil, just life partners, Ostler, and of course Elmo.
With this information our party wastes no time: “We must tell someone of this evil”, says McDirk, “Yes but who?”, replies the rest of the party. Off to the Temple of St. Cuthbert they go. Greeted by Tergon the party tells the story, to which he replies “Death and justice to evildoers!” To the Inn they go, and to the floor goes the Inn door when Tergon kicks it in and shouts “Death to evildoers it is time to pay penance and be judged!” (or something to that manner he was consumed by zeal at this point). And immediately he rushes in for an attack, when one of the merchants disappears.
Arthur and Mathias begin an attack on the “caravan guard” who answers in kind. As this happens chaos erupts, innocent folks flee and Ostler grabs a weapon to defend his lively hood; when suddenly, the missing merchant appears behind the dagger in Tergon’s back. As Tergon falls McDirk rushes to his fallen friend and speaks a prayer. Realizing the assassins dagger is coated with poison McDirk acknowledges there is nothing he can do to cure him, so immediately the Adept scoops up the cleric and rushes to the Temple of St. Cuthbert. Burne and Rufus begin to start an attack, Burne sending out magic missiles as he sees fit. Aiding Mathias and Arthur to fell the evil caravan guard. Then suddenly the assassin goes missing again. This time Burne casts a spell to show where this foe is, and Rufus stands vigilantly guarding his partner.
Amidst all the chaos the shopkeeper of the trade post manages to get behind Elmo and begins to garrote him. As this happens Arthur runs to his companions aide shouting, "Burne, Rufus help Mathias take this foe!" as he rushes over he can do little to help Elmo, he grapples the enemy trying to loosen his grip and hinder him. The caravan guard falls and Mathias rushes over, both he and Arthur trying in futility to save Elmo. Again the assassin makes an appearance and tries in vain to take out Rufus, who retaliates by attacking him and driving him off.
All the while this is happening our cleric has made way to the Temple of St. Cuthbert and awakens Calmert who is unable to cure Tergon. He is able to slow the poison, but only Jaroo the towns druid has the capability to fully cure him. They rush to the druid who immediately neutralizes the poison and heals the fallen cleric. McDirk then tells them of the chaos at the Inn, and that they are needed. Unbeknownst to him was the current chaos. The invisible assassin and the shop keep who was slowly but surely killing Elmo.
Back at the Inn; and as stated prior, the shop keep had a steady hold on Elmo, and with a final twist our heroic champion had fallen. Rage filled both Arthur and Mathias as they began an attack on their new quarry. Suddenly a crash was heard at the window, his assassin companion had abandoned him! Realizing he was now outnumbered he tried to use an invisible powder to make an escape. Quickly thwarted by Arthur and Ostler’s quick thinking and action respectively “Flour! Coat this coward with flour, Ostler!” shouted Arthur to which Ostler replied with a cloud of flour that revealed their enemies position. An organized tactic was now carried out, for they knew this foe would try an escape. Spugnoir and Burne covered the door in case he tried to escape, or his friend would try to come in. Rufus, Arthur and Mathias then struck down the shop keep.
As the flour cleared and the smoke settles our party rushes to see the condition of Elmo. They don’t want to believe it but upon examination from both Jaroo and Calmert they must come to terms. Elmo was dead. They leave Elmo with Ostler for the time being so they can go route out the evil assassin. They go to the traders post, which has been picked clean. He must have taken all that was there and fled. The party finds their horse and an empty cart that they reclaim. Back to the Inn they go to say farewells to Elmo. Upon further inspection they realize that the weapon and armour Elmo is using isn’t the same they had given him. He must have just wanted the party to think he was a lower level fighter than really was.
And so ends this sad entry of our heroes adventures. They are now consumed with fire and will want to launch an attack on the cult that has claimed many innocent lives in the past few days and weeks. The only thing they fear now is their numbers. They have lost quite a few of their mates. Now they realize they have to tell Elmo’s family who is in town, and his older brother Otis; who is currently out of town on a mission fighting the good fight, that their son and brother has been killed in the line of duty. Join us next time for more action and thrills.

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