Saturday, July 30, 2011

Adventure Log 6 - The bigger they are...

June 22, 2011 21:18
Their last delve being more of a success than anything our adventurers restocked on the oil that was spent and rested for the remainder of the day. Seeing how they collapsed a room they decided that today was a good day to excavate, which they did. For their troubles they acquired some nice new gold and some other trinkets. That being done our group decided that they should look for an alternative route, when Arthur recalls that he and Elmo had seen tracks leading into a wall in the room where they encountered the Brigands. Venturing forth Mathias manages to easily find this secret door and open it. To their delight they find a set of stairs leading down. Into a dead end room.
Upon further investigation Arthur notices yet another set of tracks leading into a wall. However, this time our party discovered there was someone on the other side. There was a knock in response to our adventurers eagerly knocking and hitting the wall when they were trying to find the operation of the secret panel. Bewildered Arthur took to the fore and knocked in reply. To his expectations some thing burst into the room and attacked! An ogre was employed to guard this room. This can get really ugly… Really fast… Into the fray they go however Arthur having a slight advantage against giants although he is but a Runner. Mathias ever confident and McDirk ready to heal everyone when needed. Zert and Spugnoir too stand at the ready to fight with their brothers in arms.
The battle seems to be going smoothly in the beginning, Arthur dodging blows and landing a hit or two and Mathias being ignored. That is until Mathias landed a good blow on the Ogre, who turned his attention to our rogue friend and with one fell swoop knocked him out cold and inches from death. “Cast sleep!! Take him down Spugnoir!!”— a failed attempt. “He is far too strong for my evocations, I must flee,” shouts the mage. “Get Elmo! Please Hurry!” shouted Arthur. Then McDirk, calling upon the pure and holy light of Pelor heals and saves Mathias.
Their numbers thinned Arthur fends off this attack, fighting on the defensive until they hear a familiar cry. Elmo had arrived to save the day! As Elmo arrives on the scene the monstrous beast lands a final blow on Arthur, rattling him but not taking him down. Seeing this Elmo takes one swing with his whistling axe and fells the dread ogre. The party is victorious. Tending to wounds McDirk says “That is enough for today my friends let’s go home.”
Returning the Inn our party tends to Mathias who was badly wounded. Over night the party takes care of the rogue showing they are becoming friends. The next morning bad weather befalls. Elmo and Arthur both inform the rest of the party that snow is coming. They are correct, snow accumulates and hinders the party very badly. Days go by and are spent tending to the sick in the Temple of St. Cuthbert. Donating time and silver here and there our party gets through the first few days of the storm. The weather does not let up, and the snow begins to fall at a steady pace. Days turn into weeks. The downtime is now bleeding the party’s funds dry. After three weeks our party decides to take back to the road, and just fight through the storm. With that we leave as our adventurers begin to set out on a new day.

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