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The Village of Hommlet has grown up around a crossroads in an area of wooded hills. Once far from any important activity, it became embroiled in the struggle between gods and demons when the The Temple of Elemental Evil rose to power but a few leagues away. Luckily for it's inhabitants, the Temple and it's evil hordes were destroyed a decade ago, but Hommlet still suffers from occasional incursions of bandits and strange monsters...

A trade and farming community of some 200 folk (perhaps twice that when outlying farms and ranches are included), Hommlet is quiet and quaint for the most part, surrounded by farms, orchards and ranches. With the exception of Burne's Tower, the town has little in the way of fortifications or defenses. Still, most able bodied men of the village serve in the local militia, and the former adventurers Burne and Rufus lead a company of some two-dozen men-at-arms.

Inn of the Welcome Wench

The Inn of the Welcome Wench is a fine establishment, known throughout the region for its excellent service, delicious food and comfortable lodging. Run by Ostler Gundigoot and his family (his wife, and daughters Vesta and Coline), the Gundigoots employ two pretty serving maids (Beka and Alice), a young stableboy (Olien) and groom (Nolan), and a pair of potboys (Wilton and Dewitt).

A large building, the Wench has a solid stone foundation and walls of rough-hewn timber. Slate tiles cover the sloping roof, and thick wooden shutters cover each of the inn's many windows. At least a dozen stone chimneys rise above the roof, and several of them are continuously smoking.

Services & Menu

Common Room  5 sp/night
Small Room  1 gp/night
Large Room  2 gp/night
Supper  5 sp
Breakfast  2 sp *
Lager (local), mug  3 cp
Ale (local), mug  4 cp
Ale (local, special reserve), mug  2 sp
Wine (local), glass  1 sp
Wine (Keoish Golden), glass  2 sp
Wine (Lortmil Farms White), glass  2 sp
Wine (Blue Mountain Reserve), glass  3 sp
Wine (Sundish Lilac), glass  4 sp
Wine (Urnst White), glass  5 sp
Wine (Celene Ruby), glass  8 sp
Wine (Furyondian Emerald Pale), glass  1 gp
Wine (Velunian Fireamber), glass  3 gp
Brandy (Renton Reserve), glass  5 sp
Brandy (Keoish), glass  1 gp
Brandy (Ulek, aged), glass  3 gp
Liqueur (Ulek Elixer), glass  5 gp

* Included with room

Burne's Tower

This large stone tower sits upon the eastern border of Hommlet proper. It is the home of the wizard Burne, the warrior Rufus, and their band of men-at-arms, sometimes called Burne's Badgers. The tower is surrounded by freshly dug ditches and the beginnings of field stone walls; it is obviously that a castle is being built around the site of the tower, though it is still in its earliest stages.
IBurne & Rufus

Map of village

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