Saturday, July 30, 2011

Just what the world needs, yet another blog

Try not to get too excited.

Since the blog name is rather generic I thought I'd explain a little about what my ramblings will be about. Mostly what's happening at the time. My current interests and whats grabbed my fancy for the moment.

This will be all about gaming. I'm a gamer from way back in the days of yore when people sat around in a circle staring at this new thing called fire. Well maybe not quite that far back. I started gaming with D&D Basic. I didn't initially start out with the "Red Box" set because I figured I wanted to try the Expert version. I mean I was no dummy.  Well, I got the expert set without really reading the box too carefully. Needless to say I wound up going back for the "basic" set shortly thereafter.

After reading the first module (B1 In Search of the Unknown) I was hooked. It's really hard to describe that feeling back then when first exploring the new realms of possibilities this opened up to me. That was what was really the most exciting part at that time. There was no fixed limit to what could be done. It was really up to you to come up with the adventures storyline within the framework of the adventure module. I remember corralling two friends into playing this. I doubt that we had half the rules right when we played, but man did we have a blast. Between the three of us we played that for the next two weeks straight. The addiction had begun, and there was only more adventures and games to come. For a look at one of the campaigns I was running not too long ago click here, or the current campaign in progress here.

I must admit that putting this thing together made me feel a little self-conscious.  It seems like such an narcissistic undertaking; building a little digital shrine to me.  But, I suppose writing is an inherently egotistical act as it is.  So, bottom line – it appears that I’m into myself.  I’m going to go now and think about that while standing in front of a big mirror.

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