Saturday, July 30, 2011

Adventure Log 5 - Avalanche!!

June 22, 2011 20:34
When we last left our heroes they had been ambushed by wise, but cowardly, foes. The group arrives at the Inn of the Welcome Wench barely walking upright without the help of each other. This was a good time to spend waiting. And wait they did. The party rested up for a week. During this time they began selling their amassed goods and treasures to the local Traders Post. Also during this time spent resting McDirk spent a good portion of his time tending to the local wounded and sick, at the temple of St. Cuthbert of the Cudgel. Life of an adventurer, however, isn’t an easy one so our brave fellows set forth.
Returning to the Ruins the party has but one room left to explore! So they set forth and heard a terrifying noise. It was the chattering squeaking of rats coming from an offshot room with stairs. This swarm of rats had one goal in mind, overtake and devour fresh meat. However our group would not see this to be so, and in a flash of genius they throw some of their cheese (didn’t I tell you earlier how important the cheese is?!) to lure them away. But wait there’s more; rats coming and to the story, throw more cheese!! After throwing quite a large amount of cheese the group then proceeds to throw their vials of oil onto the ravenous beasts. With oil set and the rats feasting on cheese our party sets them ablaze. The sweet taste and cheesy smell of victory!!
Now since the stairwell was in the room that was engulfed the party moves on to a room that had escaped their eye earlier. In a stroke of genius and general will to not see the party fall into a pit trap or have other nastiness befall them; Mathias uses one of the parties items, a staff to test the integrity of surfaces. Sadly in doing so discovers the room was quite unstable, and unfortunately collapsed before the group could even enter. That being the case our group patiently waits for the fire to die down so they can delve further into the ruins.
Down, down, down the stairwell they go, into a dank and darkened place. Cautiously Mathias leads down a hall looking for traps. Slowly and steadily he walks when suddenly a wretched slime oozes down from the ceiling and ;by the graces of the gods themselves, misses our hero by mere inches. Not being afraid at this point because the real danger had passed our party uses the last of their oil to set the foul ooze ablaze (damned pyromaniacs).
Their light fading and supplies running low our adventurers take to the wilderness. It was time to return to their home, as it has become over the past month, The Inn of the Welcome Wench. Might we add that this adventure was quite smooth and Elmo didn’t have to bail the group out of trouble. Does this mean that our group is getting strong? Wising up and being more resourceful? Or does it just mean they were lucky? Find out next time. Fare thee well.

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