Saturday, July 30, 2011

House Rules

Character Creation
The core AD&D 1st ed. rule books will be used. DMG, Player's Handbook, and Monster Manual. No Unearthed Arcana, or other books will be used. That being said, certain things will probably creep in, so see me if you have any questions.

  • Roll 4d6 drop lowest die, re-roll 1's. You may swap 1 attribute.

The most important two house rules are stated below.
    Rules of the Campaign
  • Rule #1. The DM is always right.
  • Rule #2. In case the DM is wrong see Rule no. 1

Minor Changes to the world order.
  • Calling on your deity - Anytime during a game session a player may call upon his chosen deity. This is typically used for help after a bad roll in a critical situation, ie. character death imminent. This is resolved by the DM and the PC each rolling a d20, if both die rolls match the deity intervenes. However, if the rolls do not match by a score of 10 or more, bad things occur, up to and including permanent character death.
  • Max. number of raises - A character may only be raised a number of times equal to his starting Con. score.

What you need to bring to the game.
    Here’s the list of things that players should bring to the gaming session:
    • Completed Character Sheet—See the DM regarding character creation for more information.
    • Character Figurine/Representation—this will represent your character on the map. (This item is optional as I will provide mini's for the party.)
    • Dice—self explanatory. I’ve got some dice I can lend, but I’d rather you bring your own.
    • Paper—For writing things down on.
    • Pencil—For writing things with.
    • Right Attitude—For having a good time.

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