Saturday, July 30, 2011

Adventure Log 3 - New Blood

June 19, 2011 14:52
When we last left our adventurers they were, tactically withdrawing from a battle that could have left them dead. This battled showed them that they needed more companions. So after returning to the Inn of the Welcome Wench they decided to try to save money and have Olster cook up on of the slain frogs. To McDirk’s surprise and delight he almost broke a tooth on a gem that the frog had swallowed, instead of a party member. After this was said and done the party went to sleep.
After awaking the next morning and doing their simple morning tasks; whatever they might be, our group once again returns to the common room of the Welcome Wench. There are quite a few new faces, so our party decides to meet and greet. There is a man dressed in a militia fashion, Spugnoir, another plainly garbed male, Fumok; a cloak and dagger looking gent who seemed to catch everyone’s eye although he kept to himself in the corner, and a pair of travelers one burly the other a plain looking sir, Kobort and Turuko respectively. After much debate and striking deals with shares, the party decides that Zert the fighter and Spugnoir the mage will be their best choice.
More preparation followed such as, buying a wagon and a pony, populating the wagon with more than they could carry themselves and finding a place to sell items at a reasonable cost and on a fairly normal basis. Finally at the ruins the party realizes “We have no one to watch our cart” they run back to town. Finding Elmo, who was not at the Inn during the morning; was their choice. Elmo is a large jovial man who seems to just love to drink, fight, and win. His only condition is “Put an axe in my hand and chain on my back” and you’ve hired me. They then decided to hire a local farmer just so Elmo has some company. Everyone else is similar Spugnoir the mage wants any and all scrolls and lodging, Zert the fighter wants a fair share; as everyone else would get.
After many hours of preparation, our party beings to depart for another delve into the Ruins. However halfway to the ruins the party notices Kobort and Turuko from the Inn are following them. So they return to question them, but they run back to town. Seeing this as suspicious the party follows them back to the Inn to confront the two adventurers. Their solemn response is “We’re adventurers we forget things in town,” snidely followed by “such as yourselves.” Thus, ending this record of the adventure thus far…

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